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  1. RHINO

    Nomad Suitcase Grill

    did ya know Yeti is also the competition? Engel is the originator, all the way back to the 70's :Edited for better wording:
  2. RHINO

    Nomad Suitcase Grill

    this is pretty much a modern incarnation of the Hibachi 2 grill thats not around anymore, that was a great little grill, i imagine if you can justify the price you wont be dissapointed.
  3. RHINO

    Only $261+tax: Massimo CX50 E-Kooler - Alternative to ARB

    well guys i hope they work out for you all. i went down this road with the ol' cheap Edgestar brand back in the day and eventually lost the gamble,,, but it wet my appetite enough to see the light and buy the then brand new redesigned ARB 50.... 12'ish yrs later and the ARB still starts up and...
  4. RHINO

    Is there a pre-made slideout kitchen drawer someone sells?

    truck box and body places make all that stuff, like Delta, Reading, Weatherguard, Naphede ect.
  5. RHINO

    Let's talk about axes

    i have three space age axes, 15, 7 and 4 yrs old,,,, still waiting. for the price if/when it breaks i figure got my monies worth. now, i do really like my gransfors, but the price of the space agers got me an axe i didnt really care much about hitting the odd nail or stone,,, but i gotta tell...
  6. RHINO

    Sawyer Water Filter

    keep this in the back of your mind,,, once used the water in those fibers can render the filter useless if they freeze. that goes for all the fiber style filters, its not sawyer flaw. i keep that same one, new and dry as a backup for my bigger gravity filter for just such occasion.
  7. RHINO

    Titanium cup ( not that kind)

    since weight isnt an issue, titanium if you want to pay for it,, stainless if you dont, cast iron has that timeless cool factor but nobody makes a small cast iron cup that i know of.
  8. RHINO

    Help with new griddle

    x2 no problems
  9. RHINO

    Best backpacking water filter

    i have a katadyne vario,,, its a bit on the big side compared, but IMO its worth it. i chose it for a few reasons, it screws onto the top of most big mouth bottles, it pumps alot of water fast and easy, and it has a ceramic pre filter disc that you can choose to use or bypass with a twist of the...
  10. RHINO

    direct sunlight on fridges

    the NRF is a waeco/dometic, those covers should fit. or for cheap you can make your own with that aluminium bubble wrap from home depot (same stuff the visors are made out of drew mentions) and some foil tape.
  11. RHINO

    Dry Ice in My Norcold?

    older models specs? the norcold (engel) has remained virtually unchanged. only recently has the engel got some electronics and it doesnt seem to do anything for efficiency, just user controls.
  12. RHINO

    field woodstove

    thats pretty much exactly the same as the one i built out of a 20# propane tank i mentioned earlier in the thread. i dont have a diffuser for mine just a 1/4" plate to cover the top hole.
  13. RHINO

    Pop-Up Camper Repair Help?

    you may not need any parts, in the pics it looks like a spring acts as a tensioner for the chain, maybe all that happened was the spring came off and the chain slipped a tooth or two. maybe get a roll pin assortment to take with you, but my money is on the spring.
  14. RHINO

    Pop-Up Camper Repair Help?

    i dont have knowledge of this system either, but looking at the pics it looks like you've got a handle on it. in any event i bet once you get a look at it it'll be pretty easy to figure out and fix.
  15. RHINO

    field woodstove

    that biolite is kinda cool. the big one they made for families is a real great idea, and the little one would be great for backpackers and river runners so they dont have to carry so many batteries
  16. RHINO

    field woodstove

    that things is cool, i think i'm gonna make one.
  17. RHINO

    field woodstove

    sorry brother didnt mean to imply it was my video,,, i too like the guy who does them,,, tactical.
  18. RHINO

    field woodstove

    this is a good build vid of what i have been doing. after some versions i pretty much have excactly what is shown here with the addition of a baffle about 1" under the lid in front of the flu opening to make the fire go around the top cooking surface of the stove before it exits the flu,,, this...
  19. RHINO

    field woodstove

    youtube has way better than a couple pics from me, i have done a couple versions of the ammo can wood stove you'll see. the pot belly one i did first was made from a 20lb propane tank,,, its a good stove for ambient heat but you might as well make a flat top one for cooking as well. i am...
  20. RHINO

    field woodstove

    are you asking about a brand or in general. i have made several different woodstoves and they all work great for what they are. the first was a pot belly style, then i saw the light and all the others have been flat tops, the tranfer of heat for cooking is very good. i can fry the catch of the...
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