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  1. cruiserruf

    Selling the 80

    have to let her go. Located in Sonora ca FS: 80 SERIES WHEELER
  2. cruiserruf

    For Sale  95 wheeler 3500

    FS: 80 SERIES WHEELER Please click on the link. It has photos and description
  3. cruiserruf


    selling my 80. It’s been through many adventures and it’s time I let it go. Don’t have the time to keep up with it and it would be better suited with someone who has the time for it. This truck will come with whatever parts I have for it 1995 80 series 5.29 nitro gears Arb locker up front...
  4. cruiserruf


    Will be up at Big Bear tomorrow morning to run Gold Mtn to John Bull. Anyone and everyone welcome to join. Meet at the Discovery Center 0900
  5. cruiserruf

    For Sale  NorCal - 5" OME Competition Springs

    $175 for front and rear. shipping is expensive, will be on your dime!
  6. cruiserruf

    For Sale  Slee Upper Rear Control Arms

    $200 shipped to the lower 48. Used but in great condition. I'll post pictures tomorrow
  7. cruiserruf

    Man-A-Fre 2" Drop Brackets

    These brackets are used. Complete, $100 shipped!
  8. cruiserruf

    5" Competition Springs

    I'm in the process of lowering my lift and wanted to see if anyone in the NorCal area is interested in these springs. Asking $150 for the whole set and I'm thinking of throwing in Slee's adjustable rear upper control arm for another $150. Also have Man-A-Fre 2" drop bracket for caster. In...
  9. cruiserruf

    For those running GM 1 ton TRE

    What length tie rod should I use/cut? I know stock tie rod is 44.5" long, so should I stick to this length or shorter? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  10. cruiserruf

    ARB Locker with 45 mm and 50 mm Bearing

    Have an ARB locker for the land cruiser 9.5 that utilizes the 45 mm bearing. Question is, would there be a problem if I threw it on an '80? I know the bearings for the '80s are 50 mm, but has anyone run an ARB'd 3rd with 45 mm bearing on an '80 without issues? Would it be a good idea?
  11. cruiserruf

    Looking to Trade for 4" Drop Brackets

    Looking to trade my front control arms with frankies blue bushing caster correction for 4" drop brackets with control arms with OEM bushings. If anyone's interested PM me.
  12. cruiserruf

    Anyone tried this winching method?

  13. cruiserruf

    Rubicon July 17th to 21st

    What up NorCal! My friends from SoCal and I are planning on hitting the rubicon on the dates above. This will be our first time ever hitting the rubicon and we would like to open the invitation for anyone in this region. The group will be mostly well equipped 80s, if not all. Don't know what...
  14. cruiserruf

    For Sale  4.88 Nitro Gears Brand New

    Like the title says, brand new 4.88 ring and pinion for sale for 80 series LC. $400 shipped OBO
  15. cruiserruf

    Quick question about SMOG!

    Hello everyone, just recently moved to the calaveras county from orange county and had a question about smogging my 80 for registration. My registration form says "SMOG REQUIRED" but that was because i hadnt change my address at DMV. Now that i'm up here in Calaveras county, does anyone...
  16. cruiserruf

    Pictures from Calico Run Oct 30th

    Went out to calico this weekend. Ran gatekeeper and paid for it! Here's a few pictures
  17. cruiserruf

    For Sale  (SoCal) OME 863s

    have a pair of 863s for sale. prefer local pickup. i'll consider shipping if no one local wants to buy it. springs are in excellent condition $100
  18. cruiserruf

    For Sale: OME 863 springs

    have a used set of 863s for sale. $100.00 obo
  19. cruiserruf

    Pictures from Bullfrog/Cakewalk

    Ran bullfrog and cakewalk today, mostly cakewalk. great weather, great food, and great time. Pictures are from my cell phone so excuse the quality
  20. cruiserruf

    Corral Canyon Run Sunday September 18

    heading over to corral canyon for bronco peak and sidewinder. anyone and everyone is invited to join us. should be fun. will post meetup time and location tomorrow.
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