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  1. Doc

    Hold key in "Start" position for 30 seconds to turn over....

    The cruiser has recently developed a bad habit. About 5-10% of the time- when I go to start the truck it just flat doesn't start. No clicking, no humming, nothing. Like the battery is dead. My (very)cheap volt meter shows the battery is OK. If, however- you turn the key all the way to the...
  2. Doc

    Two questions: window security and seat motors

    Two things in the 80 that need addressing right now- 1. Is there a good way to positively lock the rear windows without removing the ability to open them when needed? My cruiser has been broken into twice by punks pushing hard enough on the rear window to pop the latch and slide it open. The...
  3. Doc

    Pulling a new to me travel trailer out of 3 yr storage...

    I should preface this by saying I have never had an RV or camper of any type. I have always boondocked it in tents, and lately in my RTT. Because life has a funny way of kicking you in the nuts, I can not camp that way with my family anymore. In fact- for the last two years we have done...
  4. Doc

    Breed Specific Rescue nonsense

    The fam and I are looking again for a furry family member. We're really attached to the Huskies/Malamute breeds- and 14 years ago we went through a rescue shelter to get our first Malamute. Pretty painless. Began searching there again recently- found a big Mal girl that looked promising in...
  5. Doc


    Okay, I have thoroughly exhausted sources for ASFIR skid plates. I can't find them anywhere. Do any of you have a line on a set? If not- what would you go with if you had to buy a set today?
  6. Doc

    Wanted  Bug deflector- GX470 2004

    Wanted: 1st gen Lexus GX 470 bug/stone deflector for the hood. Worst case, I'll just plastidip, but I'd like to have the real deal.
  7. Doc

    Festus the stinky Lexus, a love story.

    The GX470 in my garage shall henceforth and forever more be known as FESTUS. Festus is a "barn find" in the truest sense of the term. I found it in my dad's barn. My parents bought festus new from Lexus of PDX in 2004. Festus has always been my mom's pride and joy. However, in 10 years she has...
  8. Doc

    An 80 series confession-

    Currently I have 3 cars in the stable ( I won't say the garage, because I can't fit all three in there right now). 1. 1993 80 series, owned it and beat it to hell and back over the last 10 years or so. 2. 04 Escalade ESV- the family hauler and replacement for a 'burban I rolled...
  9. Doc

    African Spurred Tortise?

    Anyone have/had one as a pet? Looking for advice- and perhaps a place to purchase.
  10. Doc

    Keeping yellow jackets/ hornets in check

    I'm pretty proud of my backyard. When I moved into my home about 4 years ago I pulled out all of the previous owners trees (shade) and planted new fruit trees. I also removed a bunch of 'pretty' plants and replaced the flower garden with a vegetable/ berry garden. I left enough flowers to...
  11. Doc

    Dead starter leads to day-saving discovery.

    My starter has been acting up lately, and finally decided to call it quits. So, I pulled the starter yesterday ( factory!) and took a look around while I was in the area for any potential issues. Guess what...... It's a good thing my starter died because the infamous phh is bulging and...
  12. Doc

    New Rear brakes Squeak/ Squeal on right turns.

    2 weeks ago I replaced the entire rear braking system in my 80. New rotors/ calipers/ pads/ even caliper brackets. I bled the system really well, and took it for a test drive. The truck now has the habit of squealing or squeaking on right hand turns only. Also, it seems to be coming from the...
  13. Doc

    Brake pedal goes soft after pad replacement

    Happy new year guys! I swapped out the front pads in the 80 this afternoon and the test drive afterwards was 'funky'. The pedal seems really soft. REALLY soft. IN fact, if I stand on it I can push it all the way to the floor now. Previously- It would 'lock' and feel like pushing on a...
  14. Doc

    RTT storage in your garage-

    Just a heads up for those of you looking for good RTT storage in your garage. I found the perfect solution (for me) on Amazon. Racor PHL-1R Pro HeavyLift 4-by-4-Foot Cable-Lifted Storage Rack: Home...
  15. Doc

    Well, it's not Iowa corn.

    Utah corn just isn't the same, but Graeme seems to like it anyway- Happy 4th everyone!
  16. Doc

    Question for a friend (Atlas, Ford, etc..)

    A buddy has a 1990 F250 which is built for high speed desert stuff. Anyway, this year he put in a new rear end from Camburg, then ended up installing an Atlas X-fer this month. He went to pick it up from the install shop and 15 miles away he hears this LOUD bang, pulls over- inspects the vehicle...
  17. Doc

    Help on upper rad manifold leak...

    I'm kinda bummed- I was planning on driving my 55 to Oregon this weekend and found this yesterday while installing fogs. What do you guys think? Is this a common leak? Should I take it on the trip anyway and just keep a bottle of coolant handy?
  18. Doc

    Slee Headlight Harness problems- questions...

    My fogs quit working today. (well, I noticed it today..) I was swapping out my fogs today and I have them tied into the Slee headlight harness to activate with my brights. I hit the brights to check the new fogs and they did not power up. In the process of diagnosis I found the following...
  19. Doc

    body manual online?

    Back when I had a 60 you could download the manuals for the truck online. I printed it off at work and made everyone mad.... Is there a 55 series body manual online I can download? Yes, I checked the FAQ, but didn't see anything there.
  20. Doc

    Happy Birthday El Pres!

    How old are you now, 55?
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