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  1. Elijah

    Need help, need stock height spring but heavier capacity

    I searched and couldn't find anything to help me out. 24/7 I have at least 500+ lbs in the back of my cruiser. It's all stock and will stay that way as it has for the last couple years, daily driver/work truck. I can't figure out which OME springs I need. I want to keep stock height or as...
  2. Elijah

    Craftsmen in Costco

    Just a heads up for anyone looking, my local Costco has a decent starter mechanic socket and tool set for a hundred bucks, I think it was 150 pieces or so. Here's the kicker, they are the made in USA tools. I thought that was a little unusual. They also have a Craftsmen screwdriver set, also...
  3. Elijah

    no start immobilizer issue

    Did a quick overnighter to Moab, left Friday morning and got back to SLC area Saturday evening. Took my cousin who was anxious for his first taste of Moab and offroading. In Arches National Park we had a no start issue after coming back from a vista. After multiple turns of the key it did...
  4. Elijah

    Spicer ball joints

    Are people still able to locate Spicer ball joints for the lower control arms? If you can, please share source. Thanks. Spicer 505-1347 is part number from FAQ, I believe. So it appears by looking at ebay listings that Three Five (Japanese) makes a replacement for this, but they are sold under...
  5. Elijah

    metaltech sliders shipped to utah

    Anyone else get on the Metaltech sliders for 600 bucks killer deal? I'll be having them shipped to SLC or Provo Utah. We can save a few coins if anyone else would like theirs shipped to same area. PM or post up so we can workout details.
  6. Elijah

    For Sale  Built 100 Series in UT

    1999 Land Cruiser - I am second owner, title in hand, never been in an accident, all options including rear air and the rear locker. Excellent condition inside and out. 79,900 miles. 35" BFG A/T, OME lift with heavy springs in rear, Slee diff drop kit, ARB front winch bar, 4x4Labs rear, 7...
  7. Elijah

    supposed steering rack thunk, FIXED

    I'll feel a little stupid posting this but thought it might help others out, so with reluctance here it goes. For almost two years now I've had a 'clunk'. Greased drivelines and u joints generously, over and over. Double checked all bolts and nuts associated with lift and diff drop, to the...
  8. Elijah

    80 series OBA bracket kit and york compressor

    I have the bracket kit that includes all hardware and the drive belt for the 1FZ engine (80 series) and the york compressor. I was in on the original group buy and am not going to be installing this and would like to sell it. 300 bucks plus the shipping to wherever you want. My zip is 84005...
  9. Elijah

    Cummins 24 valve into 84 FJ60

    Okay, I've searched specifically in this section of the board and found 3 threads. I'm looking to find out what my father in law will need and where to get it, if you have any ideas. He purchased the Cummins 24 valve and with it came all accessories and wiring harnesses. He does not have a...
  10. Elijah


    I finally narrowed my 'clunk' down to the steering rack. I replaced the passenger side bushing that goes around the rack and it still clunks. Is my only option to replace the whole rack now? Anybody replaced the rack themselves? I saw the post where somebody said that Slee's guys absolutely...
  11. Elijah

    Hundy in the La Sal's

    Had a great time in the La Sal mountains outside of Moab over the Memorial Day weekend. We set up camp at Hidden Lake and towed the tent trailer about 5 hours from Salt Lake. 5 adults, all gear and equipment for 4 days/3 nights, the 3500 lb trailer and the hundy handled it great! I averaged...
  12. Elijah

    Caster #'s (data)

    1995 80 series: - ARB w/ Warn M8000 - dual batteries - Solid Rock Sliders - full drawer system stuffed full of heavy crap - 4x4 Labs rear with full size spare tire and 3 jerry cans OME 4" comp coils w/ Slee caster correction plates. US driver side caster at 2.3 degrees and US pass side at 2.2...
  13. Elijah

    Tabor 12000

    Anyone know the actual differences between the components used in the Warn m12000 and the Warn 'Tabor' 12000? The Tabor is half the price but still made by Warn!
  14. Elijah

    MPG towing a 3k pop-up on 35's!!!

    I have not re-geared. I run 35's with stock gearing, ARB up front and 4x4 Labs in the back with spare and 3 full 20 liter scepter gas cans. The trailer weighed in around 3k. On the trip down to Moab area from Salt Lake City we achieved 13.8 miles to the gallon and the way back we got 13.3...
  15. Elijah

    Fan clutch fluid

    So how much fluid is needed to refill the blue hub fan clutch if completely drained? Been reading threads for a half hour and can't find it.
  16. Elijah

    some recent pics of the 80

    Here are some pics of how the 80 sits right now. OME 4" with Slee caster plates and adjustable panhards, 37" pitbull rockers, ARB bull bar with Warn 8000, 4x4 Labs Rear bar, SROR rock sliders.
  17. Elijah

    ? about 6 disc stereo unit

    Will the 6 disc changer head unit be a plug and play swap with my '99 single disc unit? Just don't want to buy it and not have it be plug and play. Also, same question regarding the later NAV units, would they be plug and play in my '99? Any other OEM options out there?
  18. Elijah

    Our 100 finally saw it's first trail use

    We were down in Moab a couple weekends ago and ran Top of the World and Kokopelli Trail in the 100. To my surprise it tackled those without a hiccup at all. Beautiful view from the 'top'.:)
  19. Elijah

    WTB 36 or 37 inch swampers

    Any Swamper would be fine except thornbirds and boggers. Need to go on a 16" wheel. IROK's preferred
  20. Elijah

    Brighter bulbs

    Anyone know where to find brighter bulbs for all the exterior lights for the 100 series? Obviously, I found the HIR's but what about indicator, turn, brake, reverse, etc?
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