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  1. NMuzj100

    Electric Blanket Camping

    Anything that generates resistive heat is going to draw a lot of power. And it's not just a matter of having enough power to restart the truck (pretty important though) because every time you heavily draw down a lead acid battery you permanently reduce it's peak capacity. This is more true with...
  2. NMuzj100

    GPS recommedation needed

    Be advised that many of the "GPS compatible" maps will not actually load onto the GPS'. They are intended to run on your computer and then download coordinates or tracks, not maps to the GPS. I was pretty disappointed to find that the most detail maps I could load in my GPS were the 1:100k Scale...
  3. NMuzj100

    Local Camping Safety Concern

    Unfortunately these idiots are everywhere and there is really very little a person can do that is rational other than realize that occurrences like these are truly rare and still enjoy what wilderness you can find. That and demand aggressive policing and prosecution so that on the few...
  4. NMuzj100

    2 burner stoves

    I have a very cheap American Camper two burner propane model. Light weight but a little bulky and has a plastic-board case. It uses the small propane bottles and they attach directly beneath the burners. Click start so no matches. It can use the Butane canisters as well but I've never tried...
  5. NMuzj100

    Really Good Binos

    I love my Steiners. I loved the 7x50 Military when I had access to them and I love my more practically sized 8x30s now. The way they use your own eyes to do the focusing (Sports Auto focus) is awesome and perfect for varied use. I love not having a focus knob. Definately try it out at a...
  6. NMuzj100

    Panasonic Toughbook - Quick review and pics

    Another note - On mine the screen is pretty scratched up. Looking into the "stick-on" disposable screen covers may be a good investment. I don't know if they have these for the touchscreen but I've seen them for PDAs. Of course my computer gets 70+ hours of powered-up road time a week so you...
  7. NMuzj100

    Panasonic Toughbook - Quick review and pics

    I use a CF-29 at work and it is the best computer of any type I have ever used (I used to work in IT too). Get a touch screen model. The rubberized Keyboard is OK but if you will do much typing and want to be productive (and save wear on your wrists/fingers) then you need to get a keyboard...
  8. NMuzj100

    Warn Clevis / D - Shackle Strength

    This might interest you. The body is CNC machined from heat-treated 7075-T6 billet aluminum. This material is harder and has 30% more tensile strength than 1018 steel. This kit is then topped off with an 8 ton, American made, forged carbon...
  9. NMuzj100

    do these ball-type siphons work well?

    The larger the diameter of the hose the harder it is to keep a good solid column of fluid in the hose. Once you have moved enough fluid that the bottom end sits covered in fluid preventing air bubbles from traveling up the hose you are golden. The fluid has to go the full length of the hose so...
  10. NMuzj100


    An alarm with a kill switch and fuel cutoffs. Added to locking the doors and keeping valuables out of sight would probably be sufficient for most crusiers. Replacement cost insurance for all your mods could probably be arranged with your insurance provider and would cover you from more hazards...
  11. NMuzj100

    Heater for inside Vehicle?

    What's wrong with cardboard and zip ties ? :D It sounds like the man is on a budget. Before I had my cruiser I always kept a wool watch cap on the front seat. The old saying about putting on a hat if your toes are cold is definitely true. The lambswool seat covers are also really nice in the cold.
  12. NMuzj100

    Recommendations for a accurate tire gauge?

    Mine is still pretty new so hopefully it'll last.
  13. NMuzj100

    Recommendations for a accurate tire gauge?

    I have a Campbell-Hausfeld digital ($10) that I bought at either Home Depot or Walmart and have been very satisfied with it. Much better than any of the pen style guages I have used and appears to be very consistant. If I read a pressure, turn it off then reread it is always the same to .5 psi...
  14. NMuzj100

    12-volt air conditioning

    Real AC is not possible on twelve volts but in AZ an evaporative cooler might help. Swampy 12-volt Evaporative Coolers - Made in Mesa, AZ
  15. NMuzj100

    Detail Products

    For excellent detailing forums and a great free ebook on detailing try ... No connection but I have learned a lot about getting the detailing result I want from the site. Lots of product reviews.
  16. NMuzj100

    BG Products

    The 44k has a good rep at and quite a few of those folks know whats going on as far as vehicle fluids go.
  17. NMuzj100

    stuff to keep in your cruiser at all times

    LED head lamp is the best tool I have in the truck. Used a lot and could be a life saver. A few caffine pills in the truck for when you need the attention but haven't gotten the sleep. (I like Jetalert because they are easy to break down to the ideal dosage) I need to assemble a...
  18. NMuzj100

    Home made CO2 Setup...

    Since you don't care to sit around and play with the tires when you could be doing other things you might want to build a rig similar to this all four tires at the same pressure with one throw of the valve.
  19. NMuzj100

    Clamptite tool

    If you wait a little while I am sure it will be in Harbor Freight for $5. Why not just carry a selection of clamping bands ? That and duct tape should take care of you . ;) Right now I'm going crazy with the Gorilla Glue. Using it for everything and only $4. :D How often have you seen...
  20. NMuzj100

    Best Knife Sharpener

    Good review of reviews here - ConsumerSearch on knife sharpeners they happen to like the Spyderco so I'm not sure it will help AZkick. I like their links especially. Good tutorial here - Kitchen knife Link
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