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  1. Tapage

    Builds Red Dragon - HJ61 Build

    Hello Kurt .. It's a LED one .?
  2. Tapage

    Builds Red Dragon - HJ61 Build

    folks that haven't driven one .. or neither understand the way it was build couldn't appreciate it's value .. I truly believe Mt. T knows it .. and that's the reason they just stop making it ..
  3. Tapage

    Triple Turbo 2H Engine

    It does .. !!! a lot !
  4. Tapage

    Triple Turbo 2H Engine

    My only advice for you is .. in stock form the 2H inline fuel pump it's very limited fuel delivery / flow wise .. Been saying that, you will need to deal with 2H head temps first ..
  5. Tapage

    Question for Truck-Lite Owners

    I didn't have this issue coz I did change mine ( factory connectors ) while ago for ceramic ones .. in your case I would just trim the spades a bit to make them go complete in ..
  6. Tapage

    Winch for occasional (couple times a year or less) use

    I've been very happy with my superwinch on Tencha and factory winch on Marilu and Cleo .. most important thing it's reliability of the winch through time .. albright solenoid it's a must since old school relays are much more prone to fail if not used constantly.
  7. Tapage

    consola de tech4x4 aqui

    Holy moly thread revival !
  8. Tapage

    Extended shackles USA?

    for 2" length added to your shackle ( over what you have right now ) you are only getting 1" of lift ..
  9. Tapage

    Just bought front and rear cable lockers, what next?

    that's a steal ! If you are not clear how to rebuild a 3rd member .. take a look on Zuk .. there are plenty options out there .. if you are decided to DIY read and watch plenty videos before you take that decision ...
  10. Tapage

    Who can build me an FJ62 with a 80 chassis?

    but the OP want the 60 series look and body ..?
  11. Tapage

    fj 62 diesel options please??

    preference ... 1HD-T but rather take the one it's more common with better price and the one that will be a better deal ..
  12. Tapage

    Patagonia sell or ship?? 1987 FJ60 175k V8

    Ferry it's no longer an option to get around of the Darien gap .. was a neat idea with low flow ( travelers ) so it died within a year ..
  13. Tapage

    Sector Shaft Questions

    I know about the bolt pattern differences .. but IIRC are not that big .. an adapter flange can be made to make it work ?
  14. Tapage

    Sector Shaft Questions

    Maybe dumb question .. but with the cost of a new sector shaft, would not make sense just install an upgraded ( 105 shaft ) 80 series box or a late 60 series box ?
  15. Tapage

    12HT Turbo original?

    I totally see an aftermarket front mounted IC behind the grill ..
  16. Tapage

    What SOA shocks are you running on your 60

    Got mines here . Sonny great guy to deal with .. no affiliation ..
  17. Tapage

    Brake Upgrade - The Tundra Mod

    Would need to put this mod on the list .. This disc remains as floating on the front ..?
  18. Tapage

    What SOA shocks are you running on your 60

    Fox in my case ..
  19. Tapage

    Never really liked the high-roofline body - Until now!

    I was under ( wrong ) impression that the 3F was a late 80 engine . ..
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