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  1. NMuzj100

    Convert a LPG grill to NG? DIY?

    At $25 for a 20 pound propane tank a conversion like this could pay for itself pretty quick.
  2. NMuzj100

    15-20gal container

    Install a drain on this and put it on a wheeled furniture sled and it'd be golden. A small stock tank would do nice too.
  3. NMuzj100

    HF floor jack rebuild?

    Might go rummaging through your garage. I think mine came with replacement seals when I purchased it.
  4. NMuzj100

    school me on compressors and nailers

    For those running cheap. I just grabbed a Harbor Freight 2hp 8-gallon oiled compressor for under a $100. Seems to work well and ran enough air to work a texture gun without pausing to build pressure.
  5. NMuzj100

    Those crazy little tools everyone should own.

    These RoboGrip pliers I end up pulling them out for most of my projects. A large selection of cheap clamps and zip ties. my LED headlamp - again it seems to come out on every project and is a must have for vehicle trips.
  6. NMuzj100

    House painting

    +1 for airless sprayer. If you rent check the filters (unit and gun) and the state of the nozzle. New or at least serviceable parts will make it a much better experience. By the time the spray gets to the neighbors the paint will be dry and just dust. You will be covered however, so cover...
  7. NMuzj100

    mitre saw

    If you get the cheap saw replace the blades with quality ones and you'll hugely improve performance.
  8. NMuzj100

    Electric meter

    Usually when you get a really huge bill it's because the utility company has been estimating usage too low and billing based on that. When they finally come to take the actual meter reading you pay for all the previously unbilled use. Seems likely given that you just moved back in. Call the...
  9. NMuzj100

    I need a new drill

    A nice review of the reviews here ... Consumersearch on cordless drills They like the Panasonic and the Bosch. I've never bought one of the better brands but my Craftsman 14.4v batteries are shot after only 2 years of very light service (house repairs ect...). I'm not sure the...
  10. NMuzj100

    building gate w/ one side removable suggestions please

    I think a bi-fold style would work well. Think of the right hand side of a school bus door folding against the wall. If you install a steel post like that in ken's picture as a support post then you can probably go full width with a well built steel frame. I installed metal roofing material...
  11. NMuzj100

    Pitted My Windshield...

    I just used a Fix-a-Windshield chip kit (~ $10) on my two vehicles with pretty good results. Between the two vehicles I had about six stars and a bunch of small pits. I was able to eliminate about half of the stars and improve most of the others (about the same as my experience with windshield...
  12. NMuzj100

    Steel Toe Boots!! Whatcha Got?

    Can you expand on this. I have a set of "safety toe" boots with a composite toe. Much better in cold weather than steel for heat cold transfer. I haven't put the toe to the test yet though.
  13. NMuzj100

    6-4-6 pics

    I know nothing about cold saws. Can someone explain the concept ? The fast red hot saw that pelts you with tiny eye seeking meteors I am familiar with. You'd think that if the company could afford a picture shoot with models they could afford a better color of paint.
  14. NMuzj100

    How do I patch a hole in the chimmany?

    This is a brick chimney with a small round hole where the water heater exaust tapped it? Is the chimney still used by a fireplace or other appliance ? Trim a fireplace brick to fit or chisel out the cut bricks and reinstall with mortar. If you are careful they won't fall down inside.
  15. NMuzj100

    Sound deadening in existing walls

    I think most of the sound transmission is through the solid connections with no air space (drywall-stud-drywall). So adding insulation between studs will not help a lot. I've seen a second wall set over the first with furring strips off-set or perpendicular to the studs to reduce noise...
  16. NMuzj100

    anyone lay flagstone patio?

    Mortar and grout is the way to go unless you want to fight the weeds all the time. For a patio you'll want to pick nice thick stones. Think closer to brick than tile. I am pretty sure that grass between the stones is only practical if you have the attention to detail of Martha Steward and a...
  17. NMuzj100

    wood stove with central air

    Sounds great until you want to have heat in a room with a closed door. Once you close a door you will be getting a greatly reduced flow of heated air to that room. It's as if you restricted the vent to the size of the crack around the door frame. A simple solution is to leave the doors open...
  18. NMuzj100

    Shop heating question..

    I find that with a wool watch cap the garage at 50 degrees isn't too bad. Also helps protect the head when you bang it on something. If you plan on leaving the heat on all the time then roof insulation to R-49 could be worth it.
  19. NMuzj100

    Washing Machine

    Given the time spent on the endless task (many many labor hours) especially with a family you should get the best unit available. The new frontloaders not only wash better but are more energy efficient than the old top loaders. The cost of a new better machine will not be high per hour of...
  20. NMuzj100

    Natural Gas Furnace Opinions & Options

    I found this review of reviews on Consumersearch helpful Proper installation,insulation and sizing of ductwork really matters although there might be nothing that can be done on an existing system. I have found huge...
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