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  1. Engineer8000

    Cowl Vent Pull Rod

    Since I have the later heater in my 73, I cannot use the push pull rod to actuate the cowl vent. I'm searching for some sort of actuator for this but need to know the required stroke. I can't test mine to find out. Can someone tell me how far you have to pull or push the control rod to get...
  2. Engineer8000

    Wanted  fj40 power steering shaft in NC

    I haven't asked for a while, so I thought I would check. I am looking for an oem power steering shaft for an FJ40. It is about 30mm shorter than the manual steering shaft. Shipping to 28461. Thanks.
  3. Engineer8000

    Radio Tech

    Finished these today and sent them home. The radio on the left is a CR-261TE (86120-35025) used 7505 to 7806 based on the info I could find. Panasonic used screen printed resistors with plated through vias (PTV) or holes in these, cutting edge in 1975. Tough to troubleshoot even with a...
  4. Engineer8000

    Early Toyota Emissions Computers

    Is there any demand for refurbishment or repair of these devices? It wouldn't be too difficult to set up a test stand for them. These are the Hilux version:
  5. Engineer8000

    SOLD  Hazard switch knob, 84331-20031

    Non US I think. I don't need NOS or meticulously restored, but prefer good condition. Shipping is to 28461.
  6. Engineer8000

    2f engine builder eastern NC/SC area

    I'm wanting to get a 2F rebuilt. I have new over sized flat top pistons. Can anyone recommend a shop in eastern NC/SC area that has proven skills. Thanks.
  7. Engineer8000

    For Sale  NC: Toyota Pickup Hilux Emissions Controls

    One is for 79-81, the other is 82-83. Verify your P/N. $50 each shipped. 89550-35210 89550-35160
  8. Engineer8000

    For Sale  NC, Intermittent wiper switch

    I am selling this Ford F150 intermittent wiper switch and module, modified to work with the FJ40 wiper motor. Turning to the left is adjustable delay, turning right is lo and hi speed. Push is for the washer. I ran this in my 73 FJ40 for a couple years before I started using the Toyota wiper...
  9. Engineer8000

    Proportioning valve restoration

    I obtained this a while back (thanks @65swb45) Tore it apart and cleaned it out, replaced the piston and u-cup seals with the kit from Muscle Car Research. Cleaned up the rusted end caps, tried my hand at home Ni and Cu plating (, I think they turned out pretty good...
  10. Engineer8000

    SOLD  Hand Throttle Knob, NC

    Looking for one of these, just need the knob:
  11. Engineer8000

    SOLD  pair of hi-lo elephant horns NC

    Looking for a set of the hi/lo elephant horns. I'm not particular about the exact version. Shipping to 28461. Thanks.
  12. Engineer8000

    SOLD  FJ60 brake proportioning valve to brake booster bracket, in NC - picture added

    Searching for a brake proportioning valve bracket only - I have the other parts now. Shipping to 28461 Thanks
  13. Engineer8000

    Rear Main Leak? - better pictures

    I started getting a fairly significant leak dripping from the clutch cover area of my 3fe. I pulled the cover off and am perplexed by this. There is a good bit of oil on the bell housing but really nothing on the flywheel. This is after sitting over night. Any thoughts? I don't want to go...
  14. Engineer8000

    SOLD  NC, headlight switch knob

    found one
  15. Engineer8000

    1/2 tub

    I'm considering a steel 1/2 tub purchase vs rebuilding the rotted rear of my 73 fj40. It needs the rear sill and both rear fenders. Plus it doesn't have the provision for a roll bar. I'm just afraid it will start rusting away again in a couple years and I hate body work. The front and floor...
  16. Engineer8000

    SOLD  early (63-71) FJ40 headlight assemblies/buckets, NC

    looking for a decent set of early headlight assemblies, shipping to 28461.
  17. Engineer8000

    Wanted  NC, need pre-1980 front frame extensions (stays) for mounting the front bumper ---- found

    Need the right and left front frame extensions (stays) shipping to 28461.
  18. Engineer8000

    For Sale  Southport NC: Custom front bumper - pickup only - price drop

    I'm going back to a regular bumper so am selling this one. Does not include the 8274, fairlead, shackles or fog lights. Little yellow lights in bumper included. Asking $200. This is too heavy for me to ship so it must be picked up.
  19. Engineer8000

    Wanted  68-72 Hilux RN10 Pickup Lighter, NC

    Looking for one of these, the knob is black with silver insert on the end. Shipping to 28461.
  20. Engineer8000

    SOLD  NC, fj40 late 60s, early 70s hazard switch knob

    looking for one of these in decent condition. I'll buy the switch also if needed.
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