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  1. Skreddy

    craigslist 1972 FJ40 V8 Project in Portland Washington

    I love a “restoration” that has a completely different power plant. But it also has all parts needed to reassemble, except some parts.... Big block 350 says it all.
  2. Skreddy

    For Sale 78 FJ40 Restored WA

  3. Skreddy

    For Sale  78 FJ40 Restored WA

    Here’s a 78, stars restored. Not mine, no affiliation. Not sure if anyone here owns it. What do you guys think? Pics are kind of blurry but looks clean. I’m not in the market (currently...) but always curious what they go for all ends of the spectrum...
  4. Skreddy

    craigslist 1973 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER SUV - Rover Dealer in Seattle

    The frame and the entire inside of tub looks rhino lined or something. Also, the wheel wells look like they’re made of diamond plate. But it’s got that overhead tach so that 350 must be strong! Some rich parents will buy it at full price for their high school kid I’m sure.
  5. Skreddy

    For Sale FJ40 Toyota 1969 in Missoula - Project

    If I wasn’t in the middle of my build, this would’ve already been unloaded off my trailer. Montana isn’t that far.
  6. Skreddy

    craigslist Seattle: 72 FJ40

    He called me and said someone is coming to look Friday. I’m 3rd in line. Sounds like it’s part of an estate being cleaned up.
  7. Skreddy

    craigslist Seattle: 72 FJ40

    I just messaged. He’s a couple hours from me but that’s what I’m currently looking for!
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