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  1. Goebeler

    Wanted  Illinois. Looking for 93 or newer 80 series rear axle and front 60-62 series axle

    Title sums it up. Loooking for front axle from an fj60 or 62. And rear axle, preferably locked, from an 80 series. 93 or newer. Trying to find axles and prep them for my sons solid axle conversion on his 2000 4 runner. Time for a father son, and help from professionals, project. Let me know...
  2. Goebeler

    Wanted  Rear heater lines metal strap that holds lines to trans tunnel

    I know its a small part, but wondering if anyone has one of the metal strap deals that holds the heater lines to the transmission tunnel. If you have one, let me know what you want for it shipped to 60048. Thanks folks, Goebs
  3. Goebeler

    Wanted  2006 land cruiser catalytic converters California version

    So apparently the cruiser was built to comply with California emissions. Here in Chicago three shops told us the same and said they can’t get one. Anyone have the ability to sell me one? Shocked we can’t find one locally. Hope someone has one or a friend that sells them Much appreciated! Goebs
  4. Goebeler

    How do defrost vents attach to dash on 77?

    Redoing a clean 77 and the defrost vents are not attached to the dash. Just sitting in there. There are no threads on the dash so wondering how I attach these things? Are there grommets missing? Thanks for any help or pics. Goebs
  5. Goebeler

    For Sale  Front Bumper, side rails, full cage, rear tube bumper

    Front big bumper Side rails that bolt to frame and clamp to front bumper, cage and rear tube bumper. Not sure what these are worth. Not to mention shipping may be impossible. all in great shape and ready for your 40. Just took them off a cruiser we purchased and trying to bring it back to stock...
  6. Goebeler

    Wanted  Fj40 1975 metal mirrors, hinge mount style.

    Looking for a set of original door hinge mount mirrors. Not the newer ones with the square mirror. The round ones. Anyone have some or know where else I can find a nice set? Thanks! Goebs
  7. Goebeler

    Remote lock key fob replacement

    Looking for a way to get a key fob to lock and unlock my 95 80. The cruiser only came with one single key and no fob-remote key. Anyone know if this is possible to find or can I just source a replacement box that is under the front seat with a matching key fob? Thanks for any advice. Goebs
  8. Goebeler

    Wanted  Fj40 Oem Front Bumper and rear set of bumperettes

    Looking for clea front and rear bumpers for an Fj40. Hoping to find some clean ones. Let me know what you have and what you may want for them. Thank you, Goebs
  9. Goebeler

    Wanted  Vintage Toyota tool box

    If anyone has a vintage Toyota tool box they are thinking of selling, please let me know. I am working on a display in my home office and looking for two of the old black tool boxes. If you have one you wish to sell, please let me know. Thank you. Goebs
  10. Goebeler

    Wanted  1974-up. Fj40, 4 speed, front discs, fairly stock, clean driver

    Folks, I know... another wanted Fj40 thread... My best bud on the east coast is looking for a nice driver. I have been looking but not having success. Key wants are: great mechanically Clean presentable paint Four speed Front discs Can have slight lift He isn’t looking for perfect. Just...
  11. Goebeler

    Anyone know what goes here? 1975 dash

    I have had this cruiser for over 20 years. Had the opening when I purchased the cruiser and now I am hoping to see what can fill it. If you look closely it is round with a flat bottom portion. So guessing factory vs a drilled hole. Look just to the right of the speedo and down. Thank you for...
  12. Goebeler

    Wanted  76 fj40 hood latch

    Anyone have an extra laying around? Mine broke yesterday on a wheeling day trip. Looking for the one up front not the windshield hold down. Let me know if you have one and what it may cost shipped to 60048 Libertyville Illinois. Thanks folks! Goebs
  13. Goebeler

    Wanted  Old style apron emblem , found lens..

    I am looking for an old emblem for a pre 75 apron. No need for perfect. Patina is fine. Also looking for the plastic lens for the front apron as well. Let me know what you have and what shipping may be to 60048, Libertyville Il. Thanks for any help. Completing wall aren’t project finally. Goebs
  14. Goebeler

    Rear seat TV's in my 2016, any trick to using them?

    We are going on a road trip and realized we have never used the rear seat screen tv's. Replaced batteries in remote and two wireless headsets. Put dvd in front slot and heard sound on main speaker system. No sound on headsets and the picture doesn't come up on rear screens. screen came up for a...
  15. Goebeler

    Anyone want my pop-up trailer for free cause mice keep eating it..

    I have a smaller pop-up that i purchased a few years back for my boys to use. They used it a few times and now it is sitting. I opened it this summer and the mice ate holes in the screens in a bunch of spots. I glued sections of screen over holes not really caring what it looked like. Not my...
  16. Goebeler

    Shock advice for my sprung over 40.

    After a small fire and now needed refresh, I noticed my crazy old Rancho 9000’s had roasted bushings and just think they are old and need replacement. The challenge i am having is finding a shock with the same travel. Just sitting, the distance between the bolts is 21” My old ranchos are 16”...
  17. Goebeler

    Troy’s Project. He started, I am finishing.

    I don’t post a lot but decided to post up some details on my friend’s project that I am now completing. This thread is just my way of saying thanks to my bud and being proud to have the truck he created. Troy Myers started building the 95 fj80 a few years back. He was working on final engine...
  18. Goebeler

    Factory plug pin removal

    Tried the search and couldn’t find the advice. Anyone know how to remove pins from the factory plug ? Feel free to link if obvious but I could not find one. I am feeling like I am destroying the plug while trying.
  19. Goebeler

    Trying to find my first cruiser. No vin number though

    Bought my first cruiser in 1985 in Connecticut. Brought it out to Illinois in 89 when my folks relocated. They asked me to sell it cause it was not safe and I was driving it like a race car. Shocker as I was a college kid. I sold it in 89 to a younger kid like myself who drove off psyched to...
  20. Goebeler

    Wanted  Fj40 front side apron for wall art

    Finishing my home office and looking for an apron to clean up and paint for wall art. Anyone have one they do not need ? Nothing nice as I can spend time with filler and make it nice enough to spray and hang inside. Hope someone has one. Thanks in advance, Goebs
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