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    Brand new Land Cruiser rolled

    Above question was asked about GPS tracking. The GPS always knows where you are. Most of modern auto GPS systems have saved back log of data and route info. If the overall system contains a cellular call out option it can report Location information in case of accident that triggers any safety...
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    2017 200 LC Steering Wheel Leather issues

    Woolite in water will help keep clean and not harm leather and might be something you already have around the house. I keep spray bottle of it made up and that is what I clean all the interior plastic and leather with. I used Home to redo the leather steering wheel for my T100. It takes about 1...
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    Cruiser Shopping....2014 vs 2016

    It was already said but 2016 head lights are best headlights I have owned in any vehicle. Did run home from parents on Friday night about 100+ miles in Fog and all I can say is that alone worth extra money. I like my 8 speed but never had 6 speed so can't compare. I had TSB update done on my 8...
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    Power steering failure

    I had to have Rack and Pinion replaced due to leak on driver side, 2016 LC with 48000 miles. I am second owner bought it with 14400 in 2018 as it came off a 2 year lease. I would guess like others you some how damaged a line lost fluid and that is what killed pump. I had a 2006 Honda Pilot...
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    Headlight Restoration

    I used this on my T100 for years after each clean up headlights. I believe it double life between redos. Spraymax 3680061 2K Clear
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    How long a 2 x 4 have you fit in your 200?

    10 feet is about it I think based on 4" pvc front to back. If you have factory roof rack with factory 2 cross ribs. Just tie down on top of that you should be good to go.
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    5000 Mile Report

    I am assuming that you stored it for winter cause you don't want to mess it up as in rust, accidents, etc... as opposed to you do not trust it for winter driving. Any way glad you are happy with your purchase.
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    Considering first time LC purchase - need advise

    My guess is dealer is asking 28k. I would offer $24k and work from that point. Note I am just guessing based on 500mile from my location in TX search of 2006 to 2010 models but all had nearly or double miles you are looking at and they were asking 20 to 24k. Good luck
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    LX 570 Needing Front Brakes at 15k???

    2016 LC needed pads and rotor turned at 45K for front. I did not own it for first 14.4K. The rear rotors need a turn at 47k pads were ok. This is by far the worst mileage of any vehicle I have ever owned for brake work by more than double the mileage. However as I did not own the LC in first...
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    What did you drive before your LC 200

    Started Driving in 1988 1977 Ford F100 (supercab full length bed 3 on tree 5.0 inline 6 given to me by dad in 1988) 1988 Ford Thunderbird 5speed inline 4 Turbo (purchased 1993 used) 1997 Toyota T100 SR5 4x4 5speed 3.4v6 (purchased new) 2006 Honda Pilot (purchased new for wife became mine in...
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    Pulling travel trailer concerns

    2016 LC pulling 3500lb boat. I run with PWR button on and set for 6th gear. I am able to use radar cruise and normal cruise no issues. Done this for 235 miles multiple times. So overall weight and terrain may play a factor.
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    Tires for Towing with a 200 Series

    Currently pulling around a boat, about 3500lb total weight with around 150 to 180 lb tongue weight. I have stock size Nitto Terra Grappler G2 in lower index rating 285/60R18 120S XL. I keep them around 38 PSI for everyday driving and towing. Good luck with your search.
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    What did you drive before your LC 200

    2006 Honda Pilot and 1997 Toyota T100 that I still have. Got rid of Pilot for LC. Pilot had 183K miles it had started rattling a little and making some squeak noises so in 2018 got LC. Found used 2016 LC with only 14.4k miles.
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    I test drove a Land Cruiser today - first drive in one since 1977 - EDIT: On order

    Simple Example I went to NTB web site. Nitto Terra Grappler G2 is $875 for 4 LC (285/60/18, note $915 for higher load index) and $647 4Runner (265/70/17, note $819 for higher index load). While not a giant the spread is $225 on high end and $90 on low end. Just a cost that across the...
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    Would you buy a 200 again?

    YES I have a 2016 purchased used in 2018. I would buy another 200 if something unexpected happened to mine. The plan is to keep it at least 20 years. 2 years down 18 to go.
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    I test drove a Land Cruiser today - first drive in one since 1977 - EDIT: On order

    If you are having second thought on price what I going to say is not likely to help. Cost of ownership for LC will be more than your 4runner. Insurance is going to cost more. Tires are going to cost more. Oil change if going to cost more 8 quart to I imagine 5. The amount of Gas to go 1 mile is...
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    Outdated LC's

    If your thing is all the latest bells and whistles then YES the LC is outdated by that measure. I don't think I am missing anything but then my other drive is 1997 T100 4x4 4speed manual, I did upgrade to HD AM/FM radio. Next vehicle purchase will be to replace the Wife's G37. I have driven the...
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    I test drove a Land Cruiser today - first drive in one since 1977 - EDIT: On order

    I live north of Austin and monthly travel to Beaumont area east of Houston. I mostly listen to radio and I can say with certainty that standard AM/FM signal sounds blah. Quite a few stations that I listen to transmit in HD. I can tell when I loose the HD signal with out looking at display just...
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    Harrop Elocker in T100, anyone?

    I never did enough off roading to want to spend the money on locker. I wanted the Elocker but back when I was thinking about it early 2000's they just was not one that I was willing to pay for. I can afford one now but I drive my T maybe once a week if that. Good luck with what ever you get...
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    Harrop Elocker in T100, anyone?

    LSD's that might be available are the TRD/Kazuma clutch-type 3-pinion LSD, the OEM 4-pinion Tundra TRD LSD, and the Detroit Trutrac. Lockers that might still be made are the Powertrax "Lock-right," "No-Slip," ARB Air Locker, Detroit Softlocker, Harrop, Nitro "Lunch Box" They have to be designed...
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