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    What have you done to your 4x4 lately 2020?

    I was hoping for a slightly darker blue, but I am happy with the outcome. It looks a lot like the FJ Cruiser Voodoo Blue.
  2. J

    What have you done to your 4x4 lately 2020?

    The missus and I Monstalined the 450 over Labor Day weekend. Smurfadelic and Pyroclastic.
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    Want to Buy 2020

    Looking for a windshield wiper arm for a '96 LX450
  4. J

    Post pics of your dog(s)with your 80!

    Penny (all black) and Mila (black and tan). They love going out crawling/exploring with us.
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    For Sale  *sold*

  6. J

    For Sale 1994 FZJ80 parts (NY)

    I need one windshield wiper arm retaining nut.
  7. J

    Parting Out 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser St Joseph MO

    Driver side wiper arm w/ retaining nut?
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    2017 WTB want to buy thread

    Needing driver side tail light and windshield wiper motor for '96 LX450. Prefer stock tail light, or matching pair of aftermarket. Located in Leavenworth.
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    Casual off-roading in Moab?

    We were in Moab for a few days last July, and it was indeed hot! Thanks for the info!
  10. J

    Casual off-roading in Moab?

    We will be in Moab for 5 days next month and I am wondering if there are any places that we can explore in our 80 series. It is bone stock without lockers, so nothing super gnarly that may leave us stuck or stranded. We are also considering bringing our GSD pup with us, who will be 6 months old...
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    Wanted air intake for 1FZ-FE

  12. J

    Wanted  air intake for 1FZ-FE

    Please include pics, and price shipped to 66048. Thanks!
  13. J

    For Sale FZJ80 Ironman Bumper - UT

    Price shipped to 66048?
  14. J

    For Sale 80 series partout / new items no longer needed

    What all is missing from the supercharger?
  15. J

    Set of TRD Beadlocks and Spidertrax

    "Going back to stock so selling all my goodies of my car." What else are you selling?
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    For Sale 80 series 4.5L TRD Supercharger kit

    Everything is included to toss this on a 1FZ?
  17. J

    Wanting more power and thinking of boosting the 1FZ

    '96 LX450 is the vehicle. I will most likely end up going with a Garrett in the $700 range and Treadstone manifold. It seems like there are a few good options to choose from without breaking the bank. The thought of selling the 450 and getting a 100 series has crossed my mind, but I am too...
  18. J

    Wanting more power and thinking of boosting the 1FZ

    I'm in Leavenworth. No fabrication skills, and I have wrenched on my fair share of vehicles in the past. I was thinking Treadstone manifold and that Chinese turbo kit for everything else. For me, fuel/tuning would be the main issue. I had a Hydra stand-alone on an old WRX that I tinkered with...
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    Wanting more power and thinking of boosting the 1FZ

    This past summer the wife, daughter, and I went on a 4500 mile road trip that took us through the Rockies and southwest from there. The truck (as we call it) was obviously hampered in the higher altitude, and we are wanting to up the power for future trips that will include a pop-up at the very...
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