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  1. oleblue62

    The $55 Land Cruiser

    I have the 3rd one...but its blue. Glad you got ahold of that rig before mother nature had her way. Although, in the NW I guess that would have been another 50 years.
  2. oleblue62

    83 60 with 200k??

    I just sent you a PM.
  3. oleblue62

    Failing Alternator can effect starter?

    I have an 89 Volvo 240 that had something similar happen. I took it to my amazing Volvo only mechanic, first thing he did was test the battery (even though it started no problem for him yet wouldn't for me under the same condition). Battery tested fine. Later, he decided to put it on a longer...
  4. oleblue62


    I'm in the same boat. 88 with stock suspension and in desperate need of a better ride. the KYB Monomax look promising.
  5. oleblue62

    Today's mod

    I agree, I love that look. Very clean.
  6. oleblue62

    slow build up of slow cruiser

    Thanks for the reply on that. Everything I had read I thought they were supposed to be pretty smooth relative to a regular spring pack. Looking forward to hear how they wear .
  7. oleblue62

    slow build up of slow cruiser

    I'm curious about those parabolics. How do they ride and did you have to move any mounts to get them to fit?
  8. oleblue62

    In the paint booth.... Finally

    Black on white will look great, especially with black rims. Are you planning on tinting as well? De-chroming? Should look pretty killer. Looking forward to the final result.
  9. oleblue62

    FJ62 Tire Size Question

    Just to add to the debate. I have an 88 and I put on the 33x10. 5 bfg about 2 yrs ago. Zero issues. Gas mileage hasn't changed and I haven't experienced any rubbing. The big difference/ issues I think come when you get into the wider, and even heavier, 12.5 tire. However, I it appears that I...
  10. oleblue62

    MY RANKURU HJ60 Diary

    I agree about those wheels, they look great! Very clean. Sent from my phone IH8MUD app
  11. oleblue62

    Oil Pan Gasket woes

    That's a good point. I assumed it was correct because I ordered it from Toyota and they asked for the year, make and model like usual. Everything except the corners fit fine (or the "U" at each end wasn't deep enough). Anyone know the differences between a gasket for an 87 and an 88? Sent from...
  12. oleblue62

    Oil Pan Gasket woes

    Picked up an OEM gasket as everyone recommended. Once the pan was off and cleaned I laid the gasket on top to check its fit. Each corner sat approx. 1cm off the pan. This is unusual right? Yet, I went forward with the install anyway and sure enough, when I was done, the "U" ends wouldn't sit...
  13. oleblue62

    What do i Price my HJ61 at?

    You're missing 2 fender flares right? Maybe that has something to do with the wheels looking off. Do you have access to the originals? Not sure how difficult it may be to get ahold of some, sure that could effect the price a bit. Sent from my phone IH8MUD app
  14. oleblue62

    my New Fj60 with 5.3 Vortec

    werrea- Hey man, I'm just across the river in Vancouver with an fj62. It'd be cool to meet up if you wanted to test the ride, it's stock springs though, and I've always wanted to know what a v8 drove like. PM me if you're interested.
  15. oleblue62

    Oil change - Missing Oil

    I just replaced my oil, after replacing the oil pan gasket, cleaned it all out and it only took 6.5qt. Everything is running fine. I wouldn't worry about it. Sent from my phone IH8MUD app
  16. oleblue62

    Strangest thing...

    Wasn't attached to a thing, just sitting in that groove with its heading resting on the inspection plate. Thanks for the advice... Sent from my phone IH8MUD app
  17. oleblue62

    Strangest thing...

    No ideas, eh? Everything's been running fine, so no possibility this bolt became loose and fell down from somewhere? Thanks to anyone who can help out, or at least give me a word of confidence that this is just a fluke.
  18. oleblue62

    Strangest thing...

    Recently I replaced my oil pan gasket, and today I had the chance to remove the inspection plate to see what it was like under there, and this is what I found... What's the deal here? There IS a bolt visible that is tightened down on the oil pan side inside there, should this bolt ALSO be...
  19. oleblue62

    Windshield Wiper Chatter Fix?

    This helped me out quite a bit too, but the thing that made the biggest difference, at least in my case, was windshield polish and ever since my wipers have been like a dream. I think it was Cruiser Dan that told me to give it a try. Best of luck.
  20. oleblue62

    1988 FJ62 without power interior

    Mine is the same. I read that every fj62 came with power windows and locks unless you chose the "poverty package". its nice to never deal with electronic issues, but at times I wish I had the power windows. Build was an Oct. '87
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