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    Check me on something - rough idle, code 26

    94 80 series, total battery failure and it sat with battery installed for several weeks while I was out of town. Changed out the battery, it idled rough as hell for a few starts while the ECU figured things out again, then settled down and ran normally. By rough I mean it was killing itself on...
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    Low Oil Light

    It came on for about 15 seconds while driving yesterday and then shut off. It did not come back. Oil pressure was fine according to the gauge. Checked the oil level and it was fine. Oil is Rotella 15w40. Cause for concern or only worry about it if it happens again?
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    Wanted  [MT} Rear Mudflaps for flareless 80 series

    what the title says, looking for rear mudflaps for a flareless 80 series land cruiser
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    If any of you new 80 series owners here in MT are looking for a front bumper...

    shameless plug:
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    Roadless Gear, LLC in Missoula

    Anybody done anything with them? Debating in my mind about air lockers in the front and that is a bit outside of my comfort zone to install. They quoted $375 for the install but haven't answered the question yet on if they have done this before...
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    Cost to install ARB Air Lockers - front axle only

    Does $375 seem reasonable for the labor? It actually kind of sounds low to me like they don't know what they are getting in to....
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    For Sale  [MT] 80 series ARB Bull Bar

    Sold! the non-winch version. Used but nothing wrong with it. Includes all new the mounting hardware from the winch version I replaced it with except for the license plate bracket (if it ever had one?). No marker lights. This will be too much trouble to ship, but if you are in driving...
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    winch extension storage

    How do you guys store your winch extension cables? Coiled up with straps keeping the coils together? Something really cool I haven't thought of?
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    Leftover Parts!

    Just installed a ARB + winch bumper and M8000 replacing the existing regular ARB bumper which I think I have buyer for. Haven't wired up the winch yet, waiting on a couple of parts to go with the control box relocate. I have 2 left over parts I am not seeing a use for. First is the...
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    Aussie Locker and Discoverer S/T tires

    It was awesome today. Record snow fall, plows falling behind.. driving all over town all day with no problems what so ever. I pulled 4 coworkers out of the parking lot where they were plowed in after work. Two were in big 4x4 pickups which made it more awesome. I was just as plowed in too...
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    Lean to the left after lift

    I searched on this and there have been some examples but nothing I saw that was totally definitive, and I am high maintenance. I now have heavy springs installed front and back. The front is even, the back is exactly 1" higher on the PS than the DS. I checked 4 times and the "B" spring is on...
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    Wanted  Land Cruiser Decal

    I want to replace the Baja logo on my new rack with "LAND CRUISER" matching the font of the badge on the rear of the truck. Below is a badly shopped example of what I am trying to do. The air dam is about 46"x 5" so call it about 3" tall text. Is there such or a thing or can somebody make...
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    Baja Rack Installed

    While in between coats of paint on my bumper yesterday I installed my new Baja short rack. It took all of about 30 minutes and I was able to do it myself easily. I really like it thus far (disclaimer, I have not actually driven the truck with it or put anything in it so...). It is quite...
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    [MT] 80 Series OME Medium Rear Springs

    Just pulled them out of my rig to upgrade to heavies. OME 860 They have something between 10K and 15K miles on them. Looking for $75 for the pair plus shipping. They will even come in a nice pretty ARB box! If you want to calculate your own shipping, coming from 59808. Box is 34lbs. 22"...
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    Tap and Die Set

    Any recommendations? In building my bumper I stripped out my tap that is the right size for the ball studs trying to tap 1/4" mild steel. I'm missing several parts so I might as well go for a set. I don't use a lot, but I need to be able to do more than just chase threads.
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    Oil in exhaust?

    Working on my bumper. Haven't run the truck for more than about 30 seconds at a time after chopping off the resonator. It has not run for about a month or so. I bolted on the bumper today and took it for a short drive to the store. Burned oil like crazy (white smoke) and a bunch dripped out...
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    I am getting ready to buy tire chains, looking at the RUD Grip 4x4 that everyone seems to love so much. GRIP 4x4 - 2532 My tires are Cooper Discoverer S/T 285/75R16 On the site I am buying the chains they say 285/75R16LT I'm sure it is fine, but some of the tires listed on tirechaindealer...
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    In case somebody is looking for a cheap or parts rig 80...

    1996 AWD Toyota Landcruiser I know nothing about this other than the price is low.
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    Plasma Cutting on a Truck

    Since there are no stupid questions... I need to cut the frame a bit on my 80 series for the 4x4 labs bumper build. I have multiple tools that can do the job, the coolest of them is the plasma cutter. If I use that, standard burning holes in metal safety precautions and making sure any wiring...
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    My 4x4 Labs Bumper Build

    And so it begins. I am a total novice at welding. The hardest thing I have ever welded are some plant hangers. I have all winter to get it done so I can take it slow. Starting from:
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