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  1. bulldog77

    For Sale NJ: FJ40 headlight buckets, rings and other stuff

    The headlight parts and winch rope are pending. If anything changes I’ll let you know.
  2. bulldog77

    For Sale  NJ: FJ40 headlight buckets, rings and other stuff

    4 blade 1F fan- repainted orange in good condition- $15+shipping Headlight buckets and trim - I bought these for my 1970 and they are obviously for a later year. All pictured for $60+shipping. —SOLD— Dipstick 1F - $10 + shipping Winch rope- Not sure if the condition since it came on the...
  3. bulldog77

    Wanted OEM Rollbar, tire carrier, windshield

    bump And an update for a 3 speed transfer case.
  4. bulldog77

    SOLD Fj40 tire carriers

    Interested in the green. PM on the way.
  5. bulldog77

    Wanted  OEM Rollbar, tire carrier, windshield

    Hi, I'm looking for the following for my 1970 FJ40: 1. OEM rollbar. Preferably one with seat belt mounts. 2. Tire carrier for an early 40 (1970) . Passenger side mount. 3. windshield for a 1970 40. 4. 3 speed transfer case - I want to pick up a spare to rebuild - hopefully on the cheap...
  6. bulldog77

    For Sale FJ40 Spare Wheel Tire Carrier

    Hi, I'm definitely interested if you'd be willing to ship (07004). Thanks, Rob
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