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  1. TemeculaTim

    San Diego Chapter:

    .....and some only lurk because they get in trouble when they post :hillbilly:
  2. TemeculaTim

    Beer and Grub at bagsbys in Oceanside

    sorry I missed this...would have loved to have dropped by and let Noah buy me a beer or too:hillbilly:
  3. TemeculaTim

    Builds Tiny House Tundra

    Nice setup. Have had a Hawk on my Tundra for the last 8 years and love it. You can cut down a lot of wind noise up front by adding a spoiler under the front overhang. The unused space can be used to store camp chairs and a folding table- one of the next mods I'm planning for mine. Are you on...
  4. TemeculaTim

    Builds Obligatory Member Rigs Page - Show 'em off!

    :beer: Power Steering should be next Phil... best mod you can do to a 40.
  5. TemeculaTim

    New F & 2F carbs

    Hi Marshall - Do you have rebuild kits for 2F carbs? Need new gaskets. Tnx, Tim
  6. TemeculaTim

    January Run

    Just a heads-up -Sawmill trail is no longer open to the top. The Forest Service put up a pipe-gate just past the Charcoal Kilns. Which is where the fun began...:(
  7. TemeculaTim

    Overnighter closer to New Years?

    Some of us remember when you used to be able to drive all the way up to Anza and there was no by-pass around the lower willows. Also used to be sizable herd of Wild Horses that frequented the upper end of the valley near Baileys Cabin. Enjoy what's left while you can, wouldn't be surprised if...
  8. TemeculaTim

    Wanted: 2F psgr side motor mount

    Hi Dom- been awol and just saw this... and let me check the parts stash this weekend...may have had one left from one of the 55's we parted out.
  9. TemeculaTim

    Wanted 76-79 CA Intake/Exhaust Manifold

    I think I may have me if you are still looking.
  10. TemeculaTim

    Wanted 2F dented side cover, drive shafts, 4speed tranny and tcase

    I will have a 4-speed trans and transfer assembly available in a few months along with a bell housing,flywheel and a 2f long block. Also have the side cover, some driveshafts, and a few other items I would like to get rid of.. Pm me contact info and let's chat. Tim
  11. TemeculaTim

    Turf-n-Surf 2016 November 11-13th

    ok....happens every year...who rolled their rigs in the sand... fess up and show us the carnage.
  12. TemeculaTim

    Help with taking Hard Top off and installing Soft Top on 1969 FJ40

    Handled.......Sean-enjoy the crap outta that 40:steer:......
  13. TemeculaTim

    Help with taking Hard Top off and installing Soft Top on 1969 FJ40

    Hi Shawn, Pathetic to see that there has been 56 views for this thread and only 2 replies. :meh: Guess its all about building post counts these days instead of helping others out >>>>>>>>...Sa <<<<<<<<<< ...sad thing is that post has received about the same number of visits. What a waste...
  14. TemeculaTim

    I may have finally gone and done it...

    Got the PM- will see what I have and get back to you.
  15. TemeculaTim

    I may have finally gone and done it...

    Nice 40. I have a used bestop soft top and some bows taking up space you can have. If your interested I can take a few pictures if you want to see condition. Just have to get them outta storage.
  16. TemeculaTim

    Advice on Silver City, NM Trails?

    Lots of Good roads that loop through the Gila National Forest.
  17. TemeculaTim

    Found a 67 .... FST ?

    Nice score Pat
  18. TemeculaTim

    FJ55 Springs Needed

    psssst......I have some
  19. TemeculaTim

    Meeting Location Option

    Just a FYI- for you guys still looking for a meeting place. Just noticed that the old Elephant Bar in RB ( Right off the 15 at RB drive) will soon be home to a new Phil's BBQ. It is a large facility and may offer the same type of accomodations that the old Roadhouse provided. Tim
  20. TemeculaTim

    Colombian Cruisers

    Few more
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