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  1. Onur

    My Retirement from the Land Cruiser Community

    Hey Fellow Mudders and Land Cruiser enthusiasts: I write today to announce my retirement from the professional side of the Land Cruiser world. After having devoted myself, my life and all of my capabilities and abilities in supporting the Land Cruiser community for the past 12 years, it is...
  2. Onur

    SOLD New OEM NOS 2F Valve Cover Kit

    New OEM/NOS 2F valve cover, valve cover gasket, and oil cap. This would be applicable to all 2F engines for the US market from 8/1980-end of 2F production in 1987. This part hasn't been available in well over 15 years from Toyota. -69XXX indicates that it is a "kit" as it comes with more than...
  3. Onur

    For Sale Used 7x Parts Interior/Body

    All parts are used unless otherwise noted. All parts are working and were removed from my BJ70. Payment by Paypal as friends and family only. Please contact me directly to discuss purchase: onurazeri1 at gmail dot com. All prices are price + applicable shipping via USPS Priority Mail. All...
  4. Onur

    SOLD RHD 7X Folding Wiper Arms

    As the title states, have a pair available with relatively new OEM blades. These are lightly used. Maybe installed for about 6 months. Folding mechanism works perfectly. $75 shipped. PayPal as friends and family only. Please email me if interested: onurazeri1 at gmail dot com Thanks.
  5. Onur


    Lots of new OEM misc. 7x/6x series small bits and pieces. Good for most all 7x series trucks depending on destination market. All prices are for the parts only. Shipping is extra and will ship cheapest available method. Payment by Paypal as friends and family only. All sales are final and...
  6. Onur

    For Sale Truck Lite 12V/24V Heated 7” LED Head Lamps

    As the title states, I have a pair of these LED headlamps. Direct fit into all 7” round headlamps in 4x/6x/7x (early body style trucks). Operate on 12v as well as 24v. Direct fit. These are heated so snow/ice does not build up on cool LEDs. These list on Amazon for $265 each. Cheapest I...
  7. Onur

    For Sale NIB OEM 12V Fog Lights

    As the title states, these are 7x series 12v Fog Lamp assemblies. These come with harness and connector from lamp. They do not have bulbs as I was going to go 24v bulbs but decided on another direction. $200 shipped. I can include new OEM 12V bulbs free of charge if being attached to...
  8. Onur

    Rauch Creek: Weekend of December 1st

    Hi All: Hope you all are well. Myself, @CatskillsRunner and a few other folks are heading to RC the first weekend of December. We will get down there Friday afternoon and wheel the weekend. Opening it up if any of the DC folks would like to join in. Best regards. -onur
  9. Onur

    Rausch Creek: Weekend of December 1st

    Hey All: If any one is interested, myself, @CatskillsRunner and a few other folks are heading to RC for that weekend for some wheeling. Would love to see some Keystone Cruiser folks as well. Best regards. -onur
  10. Onur

    3B/13B-T Fan Clutch and Fan Upgrade

    I have been quite unhappy with the cooling performance of the tiny 3B/13B-T fan clutch and fan for quite some time. As such, I did some research. I picked up a 1HZ/1HD-T fan clutch as well as the appropriate fan assembly. This fan clutch is the black-base FC. As you can see, it...
  11. Onur

    80 Series Rear Locker Sub-Harness Information

    This is the only remaining complete locker sub-harness for the 80 series from Toyota. This will fit all of the 1993-1997 80 Series trucks. This part is barely still available from Toyota. Also integrates the locker breather tube as well. Hope this information helps folks. It is...
  12. Onur

    For Sale Misc LC Parts for sale (used)

    All part are as is. No refunds, no returns. All prices are part + actual shipping and handling. Please contact me at onurazeri1 (at) gmail (dot) com FJ60 mirrors (used): $30 + shipping SOLD Jack end rods with hooks: $5 each + shipping SOLD 60/61/62 Hood Rod assy (used used on 80...
  13. Onur

    For Sale 2006 100 Series Front Head Light Assemblies

    Used 2006 100 series head light assemblies. No broken brackets or anything. As is. No refunds, no returns. $100 + shipping each. These would need to ship via UPS Ground. I am not sending them USPS. Email to: onurazeri1 (at) gmail (dot) com
  14. Onur

    For Sale Some 70 Series Parts for Sale

    All parts are as is. All parts OBO + actual shipping charges. No refunds. You buy it, you own it. This isn't Please email me directly: onurazeri1 (at) [gmail] dot [com] 7x series grille (used): $75 + actual shipping charges.
  15. Onur

    Manufacture Months/Years and Frame Numbers

    I am posting up pertinent production date information with frame numbers which 7x series owners can use as reference when you need parts since some parts supersede mid-month/mid-production. With this information you can even break it down further with actual day of the week your truck was...
  16. Onur

    2019 Land Cruiser/LX570 VIN Decoder

    This VIN decoder is good for 2019 vehicles and back. This should allow you to see where your LC was manufactured (LX's will be at Yoshiwara). I've attached as a .pdf as well as a .png formats. Thanks. -onur
  17. Onur

    Logan's Run....

    .... Do you all have a Logan's Run thread going yet? Working on my Fall event schedule. Thank you. -onur
  18. Onur

    Wanted 3B PS pump Stabilizer Bracket

    Looking for one of these. Yes I know I can weld it back but would prefer another one first (and my house does not have a 220v outlet yet)... goes from the back of the PS pump to the exhaust manifold. thank you.
  19. Onur

    For Sale Gobi Stealth Rack Hi-Lift Jack Mounts....

    ... Earlier generation but they work great. Comes with keys and hardware as seen below. They retail for $175.00 at Gobi. $120 shipped lower 48 OBO. Please email me: onurazeri1 (at) gmail (dot) com or call me (in signature) only. No PMs. Thank you. -onur
  20. Onur

    7x Series Minor and Major Changes

    Useful specification information and has exact dates for all changes to the 7x from 1984 through current. This information should put to bed many things that are "unknown" or consistently discussed incorrectly here. The information here is directly from the proverbial "horse's mouth."...
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