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  1. UltraFJ40

    1995 Lexus SC300, any thoughts?

    As some of you know my daughter was in a low impact accident about a month ago. Her little old Camry (98) had enough damage that the insurance company totalled it. :( I am looking to replace it and have found a 1995 SC 300 with 124K miles on it which I've always liked. I can buy the car for...
  2. UltraFJ40

    Online Sites for Kids to Learn...thoughts?

    Have any of you used online programs / courses for your children to learn? My son (10 YO) has been coding on for a little while now and I've given some thought about expanding the spectrum since we're fast approaching a long Christmas break. I'm assuming that he'll be on the computer...
  3. UltraFJ40

    Movies, What have you watched lately that you enjoyed or you favorites of all time?

    I am just finishing up "For a Few Dollars More" with Clint Eastwood. I actually enjoyed seeing it again for the first time since I was a kid. What are some of your favorites? :popcorn:
  4. UltraFJ40

    Windows 10

    Any of you guys updated to Windows 10? I tried a few times but keep getting error codes. Sometimes they're the same, sometimes they're not. I'm about ready to give up and keep running Linux Mint Petra or 7. I'd appreciate any input y'all might have as it pertains to 10. For the Linux guys, how...
  5. UltraFJ40

    Any of you Mud guys rodeo?

    Watching the Rodeo Houston Shootout in the background and thought I would pose this question to the Mud crew. Do any of you guys participate in rodeo? Seeing the action is reminiscent of days gone by when I was a younger (dumber) lad travelling the world seeing it's unique events. I've only...
  6. UltraFJ40

    How Many Countries Can You Name (game) From a Map I just came across this, it's pretty fun but apparently I don't know much about Africa, The Middle East or Eastern Europe. I think I got 134 out of 197. :bang:
  7. UltraFJ40

    If you could live/move anywhere, where would you choose?

    The Kauai thread got me thinking, I've been on this quest for a number of years now. Looking for the ultimate place to park my behind. Personally I prefer somewhere that's warm or at least consistently has decent weather (not below freezing or above 90). -low crime rate -max population of 150k...
  8. UltraFJ40

    6 Gallon Water Jug Midwest Can Company (KMart) $6.19 w/ free in store pick up

    Some pretty decent water jugs by Midwest Can Company. 6 GALLON WATER CAN Made of durable HDPE. Holds 6 gallon water. Perfect for picnics, camping and outings. The 6700 was designed with two (2) handles for easier use and handling. In addition, this can was built with a wider base and lower...
  9. UltraFJ40

    2005 2WD V6 Runner trans shudder...

    I am trying to troubleshoot my daughter's 4Runner that has 126,000 miles on it (the trans). There is a shudder that occurs infrequently right around 40-45 mph. This is what I've learned from various sites: -It has the A340E not the F trans because it's 2WD -It uses Toyota WS fluid, Lifetime...
  10. UltraFJ40

    Two Land Cruiser Manuals

    Yup, still cleaning sh*t out. I now have pdf versions, so these are leaving. *One is a Toyota fj40, 55 manual 72-74 Some of the sections have come unglued but no pages are missing. ($40 shipping incl.) *The other is a Max Ellery from the land down under. 40,55,60,62 I believe 1969 -...
  11. UltraFJ40

    2003 4Runner FSM (vol 2)

    2003 4Runner Toyota Factory Service Manual (Volume 2) it includes: *Engine *Chassis *Body *Electrical *Maintenance Book is in good used condition. It doesn't have any tears or missing pages. The pages you see sticking out of the side and bottom are supplemental info that Toyota threw...
  12. UltraFJ40

    98 100 Series FSM (vol 1)

    1998 Toyota Land Cruiser Factory Service Manual (Volume 1) it includes: *Maintenance *Preparation *Specifications *Diagnostics Book is in good used condition. It doesn't have any tears or missing pages. $75 Shipping included (US only)
  13. UltraFJ40

    For Sale 1971 FJ40

    -Located in SW Florida, Zip is 34112 I can help out with drop off and even hold things for a few weeks if need be. ********************** May 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. $5,500 obo. I am willing to deal but no trades. We're still reducing our personal effects. The Good: -Good compression...
  14. UltraFJ40

    Getting my son his first 4 wheeler, any advice?

    He's four and has worn out his 24 volt motorcycle. Initially I thought about getting him a dirt bike, but am now considering a four wheeler instead. You guys have any experience with small atv's and what's your take on them vs a two wheeler? I appreciate the input. :beer: Doug
  15. UltraFJ40

    Is there anyone else who doesn't smoke pot?

    I was reading a thread about people and communities that just passed possession of Marijuana less than whatever not being a criminal offense. I don't get it. I never understood the dope thing. From your standpoint, for or against, what's your take on using weed? For me, I don't get it and...
  16. UltraFJ40

    Driving around the Block in my 40.....

    While I appreciate the fact that Nick is taking time out of his life to do an adventure, I am completely disturbed that there are at least four threads about it. So, I've decided (on my own) to create a thread about driving around the block in my 40. Any ideas or suggestions you might have as to...
  17. UltraFJ40

    Flash video recorder

    I've been looking for a way to record hulu, Fancast, etc broadcasts onto my hdd. GetFLV is pretty decent, but I'm not going to pay for the program if I can't legitimately try it out first. I think it's nearly $100 bones and they have a 10MB limit for their trial version. :confused: Do any of...
  18. UltraFJ40

    Jump seats 40 style (recushioned and recovered) into a 100 series

    I was just wondering, has anyone done this? I haven't seen anything I can remember. I was contemplating removing my third row seats and manufacturing mounting hardware to fit 40 style jump seats into the hundy. A few things come to mind. 1. It seems like I could free up some more space by...
  19. UltraFJ40

    Dumbarse thread of the day.......(voltmeter fuse)

    Jeebus, I'm at a loss here. My in dash voltmeter isn't functioning. Initially I thought the alt had malfunctioned and wasn't charging the battery. After starting it without incident and a few short drives, I've deduced that It's just the voltmeter. My question is: Is there an inline fuse...
  20. UltraFJ40

    Happy Birthday Noah

    Just thought I'd wish you a Happy Birthday while the thought was in my head. Did your wife get you that Fleshlight? PS: lunyou said he'll give you a ride to the meeting tomorrow.
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