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    Events/Trails 2019 Lone Star Cruiser Round Up

    Do we call the park for rv spots?
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    Clayton, ok trip

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    Clayton, ok trip

    A trip to clayton
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    TTR MEETING #10 Minutes 2018

    Depending on date, we maybe able to host. Let me find out more
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    TTR Comm radios

    So after the trip to Hot Springs, the GMRS units were far better than CB. I was using a handheld and I had better range and clearer transmissions than I ever did with the cobra cb. I will be using gmrs going forward. CB is too unreliable
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    Vendors and Sponsors

    TRDParts4U Website Facebook Red Dirt Offroad Website Facebook Tandem Automotive Website Facebook Smith Offroad Website Facebook
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    Club Info

    Toyota Trail Riders (TTR) is a Texas non-profit association of Toyota Land Cruiser Owners. We love safe, fun, family friendly off-road wheeling. We promote enjoying and preserving the remote areas of Texas and surrounding states in our Toyotas. If you would like information on how to join our...
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    2018 TTR Events and Runs

    August ? : Trip to visit Toyota Factory Host: TTR Location: San Antonio, TX Sept 7-9th: Fall Crawl (TLCA event) Host: Tornado Alley Cruisers Location: SMORR @ MO Fall Crawl 2018 - Sept 7 - 9th Sept 28-30th: Big Paw Crawl for a Reason Host: BaerTrax Location: BMRA @ Gilmer, TX Oct ...
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    For Sale 1985 Toyota Pickup

    to the top
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    For Sale 1985 Toyota Pickup

    Considering trades, something with 4 doors and a Toyota. Preferrably a 96-02 gen 4runner.
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    For Sale 1985 Toyota Pickup

    It appears to come out of 91 or later vehicle. The previous owner replaced the original 22re with a used one (not rebuilt). He did not specify mileage as he used it for a farm truck initially. When the timing chain was replaced, the plastic guides were worn. Hope this helps answer your question
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    Thoughts on a 2000 Trooper 4x4

    Not trying to thread hijack, but we recently purchased a 2000 trooper 4x4 "ToD" with an auto and 3.5. From quickly reading on here, sounds like this is not the best combo. Like the OP, I know nothing about them, as I come from the toyota world. We have enjoyed it, especially the cargo space...
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    For Sale 1985 Toyota Pickup

    no longer for sale
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    Air Injection Tube Blockoff Plate Kit

    The air injector comes from the exhaust manifold, around the back side of the block and around to the AFM. I believe started with trucks in 1988 and later. Looking at FSMs for 87 and earlier mention nothing of the air injector and the difference in exhaust manifolds. The 87 and earlier seem to...
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    Be honest, do you like the FJ Cruiser.......

    For the 3 yrs I have owned mine it has been a good vehicle. I have wheeled the piss out of it and has led me to purchasing an 85 toyota. I like the styling of it and out of the box is pretty good at wheeling with tons of aftermarket support. The engine is strong and auto tranny shifts well for...
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    Readers Rides, for pics and specs on your Toy(s).

    My Toy 1985 Toyota 4x4 longbed 22RE with auto swapped to 5spd Dual Ultimate Marlin Crawler tcases Longfields 5.29s with lockrights front/rear Bucket seats out of '92 Runner 37/14.5/15 Toyo MTs 5" Marlin Trail Flex kit Marlin Crossover steering Custom front bumper Custom Tube Bed
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    Need more power!!!

    this place has information on superchargers and snorkels.
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    85 automatic and transfer case questions

    Inchworm makes a a340h tranny to gear driven adapter. Basically you have to tear down the tranny to get it installed. Inchworm Gear - Toyota Rockcrawling Equipment Don't have to but I'd think they are a better shifting tranny. You can swap to a newer version as seen here Tech: Automatic...
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    85 automatic and transfer case questions

    The A340h shares ATF with the tcase
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