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  1. shocker

    For Sale  Center Arm Rebuilt Kit for FJ40, FJ45, FJ55 ('69-'84)

    Center arm steering rebuild kit for an FJ40, FJ45, or FJ55, from 1969 to 1984. I believe I bought this from Cruiser Corps, and it would have been about 5 years ago. I never used it before I sold my FJ40, so everything is still new in bags. $39.00, paypal.
  2. shocker

    Driveline Clunk

    I've got a new noise in my driveline that I am trying to diagnose. It seems to be coming from the transfer case; as the noise is being made I can feel it in the T-Case lever. Here is a video I made of the noise tonight: Fj40 noise - YouTube The noise is at its worst at around the 1:16-1:25...
  3. shocker

    Brake Pressure Switch replacement question

    I'm putting in a new brake master cylinder into my '78. The new one did not come with brake pressure switches installed. Removing the existing brake pressure switches from the old master cylinder has proven to be harder than I thought. Is there a special tool required? Someone ripped the...
  4. shocker

    Any sort of VIN registry?

    My father just bought a '78 FJ40 and were wanting to dig up a little history on it. Unfortunately, Carfax only goes back to '81, so there is no data on the Cruiser, particularly where it's spent its life. Is there a registry online anywhere?
  5. shocker

    '80 - '90 Aftermarket Disc Brake Rotors

    I bought these from Cool Cruisers for my FJ60 back in 1999 or 2000. Never put them on before I sold the Cruiser and they've been sitting in my garage ever since. Cool Cruisers website currently lists these as applicable on FJ40's, FJ60's, and FJ62's from 8/80 to 1/90, with a "sale" price of...
  6. shocker

    1995 FZJ80 Factory Service Manual

    For sale is a 1995 FZJ80 Factory Service Manual (FSM). There are some dog-eared pages, and a few greasy fingerprints, but nothing ripped or missing. Asking $50, plus $10 shipping. Please PM me if you are interested as I'm not able to check this site often. Paypal accepted.
  7. shocker

    80 Series Mods: Slee Sliders, Bull Bar, Drive Shaft, Suspension Parts, etc.

    Everything Is Now Sold. Thanks Everyone, And Thanks Mud!
  8. shocker

    Wanted  Wanted: Stock FZJ80 Shocks

    Need all 4 stock FZJ80 shocks. Putting my '95 back to stock for sale. Located in Wichita. 67218
  9. shocker

    OME 850 Springs, shocks, caster correction bushings

    Everything is now SOLD. Thanks! One set Old Man Emu 850 springs. One set Old Man Emu N70 shocks. One set Old Man Emu CA77B caster correction bushings. The springs are the OME "heavies" for the front of an 80 series Landcruiser, and will provide 2.5" of lift a for a vehicle with 110 -...
  10. shocker

    HIR bulb went out today....

    Know people have been looking for data points on these, so I'd thought I'd share some inane info... John Deere GE bulb, been in since February of 2004.... probably about 25 - 27K miles or so, about 10K of those at night. Slee headlight harness, not that it matters. Haven't had a chance to...
  11. shocker

    Shocker's FJ Cruiser SEMA Pics

    Don't feel like remote hosting them, so here they all are. Start with the engine bay....
  12. shocker

    SEMA show in Vegas, November 1-4... who's going?

    Little over a month away, my yearly jaunt to the SEMA show for work. Just curious who else will be there, especially any vendors with vehicles or parts I can drool over.
  13. shocker

    Possible good news for next gen cruiser...

    In the August 15 issue of Automotive News (a trade rag for auto manufacturers and dealers) there is an article on upcoming products from Japanese automakers. Aside from a little blurb about the FJ Cruiser, it had this to say about the Land Cruiser: Gives some hope, at least, that it wont...
  14. shocker

    Code P0420... who's had it?

    Since we've got several threads related to other CEL codes in the archives, I figured I'd start one for this. CEL went on last week. I reset it without checking the code. Came back on again last night, so I went to a local auto parts store to have them pull the code. P0420, which is a...
  15. shocker

    So, assuming they were available today...

    Assuming the FJ Cruiser was available today, and assuming that it's essentially based on the 4Runner/120 series platform, what modifications are currently available? I'm specifically thinking suspension, but isn't there a TRD supercharger as well?
  16. shocker

    Official FJ photochop thread

    Figured I'd start this thread so that all those with P-Chop ability can tweak the existing FJ images into something modified in a way that makes it more desireable. Looking at the new FJ, the biggest things that stuck out in my mind as "needing change" where the small tires and the baby...
  17. shocker

    Funny two legged dog video

    I know it's a story of perseverence and survival and all, but I still can't help but laugh out loud at this feel good story.
  18. shocker

    Late Christmas for Shocker

    Well, finally got around to spending some Chirstmas cash the last week or so: Yellow top Optima and military style terminals Slee sliders Slee upgrade wiring harness & auxillary wiring harness with OEM switch Center difflock switch Coming soon: new rotors, pads, and some auxillary lights to...
  19. shocker

    Anyone using a Garmin ique 3600?

    Is anyone using the new Garmin ique 3600 pda/gps? I'm looking for ideas for vehicle mounting other than the Garmin 'bean-bag' dashboard holder. I'd like to be able to have it in a similar position as this but I am not sure if any mounts from Rammounts or jottodesk would allow me to put it...
  20. shocker

    Rattling sun roof

    Over the last few weeks my sunroof has developed the annoying habit of rattling when shut, along with an occasional wind whistle for good measure. I've inspected the seals and greased the moving mechanisms to no avail. While I havn't checked my FSM yet to see what it says, is there anything...
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