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    300 mile journey

    Whats up mud buds. I Bought a 93 fzj80 about a month ago now because i was offered a job at toyota in upstate new york. I just pulled it from the shop after getting new break lines and a steering alignment. Breaks still felt crunchy and was told it was something with the axle and he could not...
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    FZJ80 with 141 miles what should i do to it.

    Picked up a 93 fzj80 with 141k on the dash. Paid 4,200 for it with some nice aftermarket toys like a 4 inch lift and nice beefy firestone tires. My question is, what's next ? I got a check engine light but the previous owner who is a mechanic insists its an O2 censor. I need breaks immediately...
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    Shifted to 4Low in drive. Did i break it ?

    My fzj has a little trouble getting into gear. My drive and neutral gears like to fight Over my attention. I was putting her into 4low when it slipped into drive. Heard a nice healthy grinding noise (sarcasm) and now im leaking a bit of fluid from what i believe is my center dif. Not sure...
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    ignition staying on.

    Hey guys. Im as new and green as could be when it comes to this so use small words and talk nice please :^) haha anyways i just got a 93 fzj80 and i love it. She got a few issues but shes a beast. Im currently working on trying to find a solution to my battery drain. After i shut the engine down...
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