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  1. ATLcrusher

    I thought a garage in the back would be good...why?

    42 yards of concrete later... :crybaby: Pics shortly.
  2. ATLcrusher

    Need Concord, NH to Atlanta, GA

    A couple of bumpers and airdam - less than 6' long. Can be boxed. Anytime in the next couple months (Feb/Mar 2012). Please PM me - I know I'll forget to check over here.
  3. ATLcrusher

    Parts moved Austin, TX to ATL

    Need two car seats shipped from Austin to Atlanta. Sooner rather than later...
  4. ATLcrusher

    Sequoia to 100 seat swap?

    Anybody ever tried fitting the second row captain's seats from a Sequoia into a 100? I know the way they work is similar...just thought the mounting points might be too??? Nah, that'd be too easy, right? :hhmm:
  5. ATLcrusher

    Font change, etc.

    Why did my font change about a week (maybe it was two) ago? It's now smaller, and my graphics aren't as crisp. Anyone?
  6. ATLcrusher

    Wtb: Fj62

    Looking for a 62 (gotta have auto so others in the house can drive it). NO RUST. Prefer closer to stock - SOA with 35's is probably not gonna work. Obviously the lower the mileage the better, but I'll consider most trucks. Has to pass smog. Post here or send me a PM. Thanks.
  7. ATLcrusher

    1998 Land Cruiser for sale

    One of the big SUVs has to go, and my wife isn't giving up the GX. I'd keep this thing forever, but... Imperial Jade Mica 99.8K Rear locker Rear seats Tow package Factory mats front/rear SilBlades Maintenance: Starter done at 87K (>$400) Timing belt, water pump, brakes, etc. done...
  8. ATLcrusher

    WTB Toyota pickup

    Looking for a 4WD Toyota pickup. I've got a wide range of acceptable vehicles: 86+ 4WD a/c Prefer 4 cyl Will only consider auto trans if 6 cyl Xtra cab would be nice Closer to stock the better (no 6" lifts) No rust I'm in Atlanta, but would travel up to 500 miles for the right...
  9. ATLcrusher

    Key programmer

    Is the key programming "tool" that Toyota and Lexus use the same? I ask because my Lexus service advisor offered to program my new Toyota key if I bring it in...he didn't know if it would work or not. I just don't want to waste both of our time. Some of you dealership guys (Lexusben...
  10. ATLcrusher

    FJ62 vs. FJ80

    Trying to establish the differences between these two (yes, I know the bodystyle). Aren't their drivetrains the same? And I am talking about FJ80s - 91 and 92. I ask because I've been looking at 62s (and 60s), but the prices for FJ80's are often less for vehicles in similar condition with lower...
  11. ATLcrusher

    Shocks and lift

    OK, so I'm thinking about putting the OME lift on, but am trying to make a decision on the shocks. After reading through some of the search material this is what I think I know: 1) The OME shocks are stiffer than stock, but not as stiff as some might like 2) The life expectancy of the OME...
  12. ATLcrusher

    Surface Rust?

    Is there really such a thing - in the real world - as just surface rust on a 40? I've been looking for a month or so, and lots of owners claim "surface rust". It just seems like surface rust is something that would be very difficult to diagnose, especially if it's under paint (in the ads it...
  13. ATLcrusher

    Wanted  WTB: 100-series rear carpet

    I need the rear carpet (the acutal carpet, not a mat) for a 98 100 with tan interior. I know at some point, Toyota switched to "oak" ('01? '03?) which is a slightly different tint than mine. I might settle for oak, but would prefer the earlier color. Needs to be in at least "good" condition"...
  14. ATLcrusher

    Service questions

    I've received a couple quotes for the 90K service (one independent and one dealer); there seems to be a few are my questions: 1) Do I need to replace the fuel filter? Should it cost $115? 2) Do I need to do the crank seal? 3) Do I need to do idler pulleys? 4) The...
  15. ATLcrusher

    Atlanta mechanic - starter contacts

    OK, I'm now thinking that my LC is suffering from the starter contact problem. I don't have the patience or the inclination to do it myself. Can anyone here in the ATL recommend a shop to do it? What is a fair price? Thanks.
  16. ATLcrusher

    Battery problems

    I've been having intermittent problems starting the LC. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, and sometimes when it won't start, if I take the key out of the ignition and try again, it starts. From what I remember reading, I don't think this is consistent with starter contacts. Battery...
  17. ATLcrusher

    Used 100 parts

    Anybody know a good source for used 100 parts? I need a couple of pieces that are just ridiculous from Toyota (even CDAn), and they're not "mechanical", so I don't have any problem buying out of a wrecked one. TIA.
  18. ATLcrusher

    Tire Questions

    I've pretty much decided to go 285/75-16 based on info from this board. But I do have some questions I'm hoping some of you will be able to help with: 1. Can anybody tell me the difference (hopefully from experience) between the Bridgestone Revo's and the Bridgestone Dueler A/T [D693]? I can...
  19. ATLcrusher

    Stereo problem

    When I turned off the LC today (and removed the key), a weird thing happened: the stereo turned off momentarily, then came back on (?). When my wife opened the passenger door, it went off again. When we got back in the vehicle an hour later, the stereo wouldn't work at all. After driving for...
  20. ATLcrusher

    Newbie questions

    In giving my new 100 a closer inspection, I have a couple of questions: 1) is the horn supposed to sound like it came from a Corolla? My wife has a GX470, and it has a "normal" sounding truck horn. the 100 sounds like it had a sex change... 2) it appears to have two different headlights...
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