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  1. lexycrzy

    Need 1 wheel

    I picked up 4 LX 450 wheels for Raul, Jaime's project FJ40 and I'd like to get 1 more matching wheel for a spare. Let me know if anyone out there is selling one or even a 16" 80 series wheel will do. Thanks.
  2. lexycrzy

    Interesting Sign

    I was traveling down a dirt road in South America when I saw this sign. Transalation: The true 4 X 4 experience is to have a Toyota
  3. lexycrzy

    Proper use of a Snorkel

    For those snorkel deprived, here is a reason to run out and get one.
  4. lexycrzy

    Cruise Moab 2012 Pictures

    Greetings from CM 2012! Wish you were all here!
  5. lexycrzy

    80 series seat covers

    Up for sale is a set of almost new seat covers that fit all 80 series OEM seats. The covers are black with tan inserts. It includes seat covers for the two front buckets, the mid-row seats, and 4 head rests. This link takes you to the Costco site where you can get a full description of the...
  6. lexycrzy

    wednesday 12/30 sunflower mine run

    Last minute, but if anyone wants to run Sunflower Mine tomorrow be at the old Baja gas station by 9am. Diegos settin up a little run.:steer:
  7. lexycrzy

    91 FJ 80 Parts

    Hey Everyone, I was pulled over yesterday by a guy who just bought a bone stock 91’ 80. He’s looking to put 35’s under it, sliders, and rear bumper. He’s strapped on funds (who isn’t), so I told him I’d help him as best as I could. If you or someone you know is selling any used parts, please...
  8. lexycrzy

    Good Info on of FJ

    Take a look at this link on the FJ.
  9. lexycrzy

    80 for sale on ebay

    I saw this on ebay while perusing the site for cruisers. It's a locked 80 for sale in Chandler, it's been out there for 4 days with no bids on it. It may make someone in the club a nice truck...
  10. lexycrzy

    LX 450 Parts for Sale

    I have a few original parts off my truck for sale. I figured I'd offer it to the club first before going on ebay. The items are front bumper, rear bumper, set of shocks and springs, Lexus running boards. If you are interested please PM me and we can discuss price and I can answer any questions.
  11. lexycrzy

    Wheeling this weekend?

    Is anyone interested in heading out to the Sunflower mine on Sunday? I've never ran it but have heard about it and just want to explore now that the weather is pefect. If anyone is interested post up and we'll head out.
  12. lexycrzy

    GPS Question

    I have a Garmin GPS 3 that's about 6 years old and I want to upgrade to something newer that shows the trails. The GPS 3 only shows major roads and no trails. Does anyone know or have any experience with the Magellan 360? Is there a better GPS that I should consider? Any advice is appreciated.
  13. lexycrzy

    Another Night Run Anyone????

    I sat home last night at my wife's birthday party thinking I should be at Bulldog Canyon wheeling instead..... :frown: This morning I got up and had to hit the trails so I loaded my son and dog and headed for the hills. It's been at least 4 years since I'd been out to Roger's Trough, and I...
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