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  1. Franky40

    going with 350, which tranny?

    700R Auto
  2. Franky40

    Rolled, now won't start

    Thanks for the help guys, Jason and Ken got it running last night. Apparently during the roll a relay on the drivers side kick panel got broken or kicked out, anyway it was missing so when they replaced it it starts and runs fine.( just missing a windshield and has a few extra dents.)
  3. Franky40

    Rolled, now won't start

    It's EFI and we got fuel to it by jumping the fuel pump. That got it to start but it won't put out enough fuel to keep it running, it's an 85 pickup. Pictures are kinda crappy it was getting dark. It's Wartoy's truck. We are leaving for Moab Thursday, so got to get it running quick. Driver is...
  4. Franky40

    Rolled, now won't start

    Anyone know of a quick fix? All fluids are OK, getting spark but something won't let the fuel system run properly. Fuel pump tests out OK but won't send anything to the motor. Reset switch somewhere?
  5. Franky40

    SOR Extreme Bikini

    Yeah, it is gone. Boulder76 got it. Hope he likes it.
  6. Franky40

    SOR Extreme Bikini

    Looks like it's sold
  7. Franky40

    SOR Extreme Bikini

    Whoops! It is Tan in color.
  8. Franky40

    SOR Extreme Bikini

    New, still in bag. Spector #272-81 Sells for $149.00 will let go for $75.00 plus shipping. Fits 1973 to ? with factory roll cage.
  9. Franky40

    Sealing Bead Locks........

    We had the same problem with the ones we built for my 40. Two held two leaked. We took them apart this weekend and there were small hairline cracks in the weld, I assume this was from grinding the welds down a little to far. Jason cleaned them up and then added another weld all the way around...
  10. Franky40

    Winter projects on your rig?

    Thanks go to Jason and Ken for all the great work, especially on the design. It's still in the planning stage. Front hoop to come this weekend. Six connection points, all will go to the frame.
  11. Franky40

    Winter projects on your rig?

    Working on a new cage right now, trying to get it ready for Moab in May.
  12. Franky40

    3" custom cage needs padding

    Put the word "tubolit" or "Armacell" into Google, You can get pipe insulation in almost any pipe size, if you used 3" iron pipe it should have an OD of 3.5". These materials are a foam plastic product with a self sealing joint availavle in 3/8" to 1" thickness. Check for Mechanical Insulation to...
  13. Franky40

    best Cheap mods.

    Dn't forget the Landcruiser bottle opener
  14. Franky40

    if it happened to you (22re)

    How is the engine install coming?
  15. Franky40

    New guy from Utah

    There are a couple of other guys on here from Utah that are into the minis and 4 runners, check out this thread:
  16. Franky40

    Everyone.......... Meet Sully

    What a find!! excellent condition. You are both very lucky to have such a great project to spend time together on. Best of luck to you!
  17. Franky40

    The Full_M3tal Build Up (86 4RNR)

    Where's the pictures of that new front hoop? And when will the drawings of the EXO be done?
  18. Franky40

    Front Shock Relocation Complete

    Nice creative thinking, any tire rub issues?
  19. Franky40

    Hello. My stuff

    Only one of each?
  20. Franky40

    One picture....

    Yeah, I think so. It was at CM06
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