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  1. chitown40

    craigslist  Barrington IL - 2005 Land Cruiser 1 owner

    Not mine. Looks to be legit and clean.
  2. chitown40

    craigslist  GX470 / 4Runner Weathertech 1st and 2nd row - tan

    Not mine but a pretty good deal... 2003-2009 Lexus GX470 weathertech floor liners mats
  3. chitown40

    craigslist  2008 GX470 SPORT Edition - Maroon

    I think this may have KDSS as well. The skid plate in front looks like a KDSS skid. Timing belt also looks to be done. ★2008 LEXUS GX 470★ CREDIT CHALLENGED? ✔YOUR...
  4. chitown40

    craigslist  2000 UZJ100 - Cheap but looks very clean

    Looks clean from the pics. One owner, extremely high miles, but condition of truck looks pretty good all things considered. 2000 *Toyota Land Cruiser* Base - (Black) 8 Cyl.
  5. chitown40

    KDSS Light Illuminated on Dash [SOLVED]

    Hi guys and girls. Long-time mud member, very recent GX owner. I currently own a 2009 GX470 Sport w/ KDSS. Like many of you guys, I've had the whole gamut of cruisers starting with a 40 series, several 60 series, an 80, and a hundy. Before the GX, I had a 2006 4Runner V6 for a few years, so...
  6. chitown40

    craigslist  1993 Locked FZJ80 Wisconsin (Milwaukee Area)

    Not mine. Found it on CL but looks like a nice start to a build with minimal rust. 93 Toyota Land Cruiser---124k---w/lockers and arb bumper
  7. chitown40

    craigslist  2004 UZJ100 - Chicago Area North

    Someone is going to want this. It's the golden goose and priced right. No roof rack, no spoiler, no nav, plus it has the 5 speed and DVD video for the kids in the back. Looks decent in the photos, but I haven't seen it in person. 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser
  8. chitown40

    This may interest someone here...

    I posted this up in classifieds.... a little more than I'm looking for at the moment... BUT a good deal.
  9. chitown40

    Dealer  Built 1997 80 Series [IL]

    Not mine. Former Maryland truck. Built to the T. Salesman sent me some pics. A little too built for what I'm looking for. Needs an alternator. Told me it was a friend of his... a US Marine...
  10. chitown40

    Dealer  2001 Land Cruiser 100 This was my previous 100 series. I traded this on 4th gen 4Runner. It is in excellent condition with all maintenance completed including recent tune-up, plugs, etc. Timing...
  11. chitown40

    For Sale  2007-2011 Camry OEM Cloth Seat Covers [IL]

    These are take-off seat covers from my 2011 Camry. When we purchased new we had leather installed and I kept the original covers. They were on the car for about 5 days before being pulled. I have the first and second row seats upper and lower, but no headrests. They are tan in color and in...
  12. chitown40

    craigslist  1994 fzj80

    This looks like a decent place to start a build. Not mine.
  13. chitown40


    I'm at Auto Parts City right now and there is a FJ 60 with a set of solid axle hubs and 25 best pickups with full sets of ifs hubs if anybody is interested. I don't have the time or the tools to pull them right now but they look to be in good shape. Auto parts city is on the border of Waukegan...
  14. chitown40

    Mailbox F.S.

    Guys, just replaced my mailbox at the :princess: request... I've got this nice locking mailbox for anyone paranoid that their neighbors are stealing their mail... It's not selling on CL (go figure)... so if anyone needs or wants this I'll trade it for a 6 pack of anything that doesn't...
  15. chitown40

    Wanted  100 Series Front Left OEM Door Speaker

    Looking for a good condition front left door speaker from a 100 series that was removed for an audio system upgrade. Thanks, Rob
  16. chitown40

    craigslist  [IL] 1996 FZJ80 - Anyone need a cheap wheeler?

    Not mine. 96 Toyota Land Cruiser
  17. chitown40

    80 parts

    80s don't show up the yards too often, so if you need some parts, you might want to give these guys a call. 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 LAND CRUISER R. FENDER | eBay We used to use them for our police tows... their yard is not a public pick and pull so since it looks relatively complete in the...
  18. chitown40

    62s in the junkyards

    Just an FYI. There is a FJ62 in the Wadsworth Pick and Pull. Hubs/Axles/Knuckles missing. Most engine parts there. Not much in the way of any good body panels. Springs look ok if you're looking to do a SOA. Interior is ok at best. Also, a 1988 FJ62 at Auto Parts City in Waukegan on...
  19. chitown40

    New ARB Prototype

    Just got my hands on this new ARB... Anna Richelle Brill 6lbs. 15oz. born on Snowmagedon 2011 10:26am Only thing better than blastin around town in a toyota during a blizzard.. :D:D:D:D
  20. chitown40

    CL: Decent looking 60

    Not mine.. not affiliated... it passed me on the Edens the other day so I can vouch for that it runs. :) 1984 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60
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