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  1. OREGON85

    Trailer tail light electrical confusion

    I have brake lights and turn signals on my trailer that work fine, but the tail lights don't. The first thing I did was check for voltage at the plug on the vehicle with a volt meter and everything is good. So, I spent a bunch of time on the trailer. I can't find any problem there. I plugged the...
  2. OREGON85

    4X4 Labs rear bumper mudflaps.

    I love the 4X4 labs rear bumper I bought for my 80 last year. It works excellent. One issue I'm having is my bikes on the bike rack getting trashed with mud when it is wet out and I'm worried about rock chips in the gel coat on my boat when I tow it. Does anyone have mudflaps on the 4X4 labs...
  3. OREGON85

    '96 Bumper color match paint?

    I would like to paint my rock sliders the color of the factory bumpers. Can anyone help me figure out what that color is and where to get it? It is a '96 with a blue body and gray bumpers. Are all 80 series bumpers the same gray? When I painted the rear bumper I just dumped black into a can of...
  4. OREGON85

    Warn XD9000i with factory bumper

    I didn’t create a build thread, since I didn’t do anything unique or innovative; just your standard OME lift, 315’s, 4.88 gears etc. But this was kind of different, so I thought I’d share. I would have used an M8000, but I put a used Warm M6000 on my ‘85 Toyota pickup about 15 years ago. I’ve...
  5. OREGON85

    How clean..... ?

    I recently drained the previous owner’s custom red/green antifreeze blend and have been running distilled water. I think I’m on my sixth round of distilled water and it still has some color to it. How clean do I need to get it before I can switch to green? I’m tired of checking the weather...
  6. OREGON85

    Axle corrosion and compatibility

    I’m helping my dad with a disc brake conversion on his ‘75 FJ40. He had a complete axle from a ‘78 sitting around so we set about rebuilding it with the intention of just rolling it under the ‘75. I’m concerned that the corrosion in the photo will wear out the wipers and cause premature failure...
  7. OREGON85

    water pump corrosion

    I have a clicking sound that sounds like it is coming from the water pump. I bought an Aisin water pump to replace the factory Toyota pump. When I pulled the pump I discovered that the Toyota pump seems to be in great shape and that there is significant corrosion inside the housing for the water...
  8. OREGON85

    Locker not engaging

    I'm sure that somewhere there is a thread or a post that answers my question, but I couldn't find it. Where do I start to diagnose a factory e-locker that doesn't engage? The center and front engage, but the rear won't. Thank you for any advice on what to check first!
  9. OREGON85

    Power steering resivor to pump o-ring

    On the line from the reservoir to the power steering pump, there is an o-ring where that line goes into the pump. I got the metric o-ring from the hardware store that seemed to be the right size, correct diameter and the cross section of the o-ring fills the groove, but I can't get it into the...
  10. OREGON85

    PS pump back cover removal?

    My power steering pump is leaking out of the back cover. I bought a new o-ring for it but I can't get the snap ring out. I would take the pump out to do it, but the high pressure line won't budge so I'd rather do it in the car. Is there a trick to get that snap ring out so I can replace that...
  11. OREGON85

    Rubicon in a day?

    My mom hatched this plan to rent a place at Tahoe for a week to get her kids/grand kids together. I immediately went to work trying to figure out how to run the Rubicon (without disrupting my mom's plan too much). My dad did the Land Cruiser and later the Jeeper's Jamboree every year for the...
  12. OREGON85

    Squeak after knuckle rebuild?

    Following my front end rebuild I have an intermittent squeak coming from the front end, passenger side. It is more common during a left turn, but it comes and goes. The first time it happened I pumped a bunch of grease into the birfields from the fitting on the end of the axle and it went away...
  13. OREGON85

    ABS after knuckle rebuild?

    Went though the front end of my 96 recently and I can't get the ABS light off. When I pulled the front end apart I broke the plastic housing on one of the ABS sensors. I couldn't find a wrecking yard replacement and the sensor looked find, so I glued the housing back together. The ABS light was...
  14. OREGON85

    How far would you drive...

    How far would you drive with a stock spare with 315/75r16's? That's what a differential is for, right?!
  15. OREGON85

    315X75r16 .... why is everything load range E?!

    I'm getting ready to put 315x75r16 on my 80, but it seems like a lot of tires are load range E. At first I was thinking Hankook Dynapro MT, but those are E. Grabber X3, also E. Pro Comp Xtreme, E. Goodyear Duratrac, also E and less aggressive than I'm looking for. Everything else I see is either...
  16. OREGON85

    OME 2850J Front -- what goes in the rear?

    What is the best match for OME 2850J's? I installed 2850J springs and 60070L shocks in the front. Cruiser outfitters sold me 2860 springs and 60020 shocks for the rear. I was about to install them, but I had a second look and I'm not sure they would match well. I'm thinking 2863J springs and...
  17. OREGON85

    removing rear 'Land Cruiser' badge?

    I'm going to be in a wrecking yard this weekend and the pictures of the FJ80 I'll be getting parts from shows an intact 'Land Cruiser' badge on the rear hatch. Is there a good way to get it off without breaking it? When I look up removing badges from vehicles all the info is about not damaging...
  18. OREGON85

    VR 10 vs. M8000 on an FJ80

    I'm getting ready to put a winch on my 80. The budget calls for a the VR 10 or M8000 -- both around $600. I'm more confident in the quality of the classic M8000, but the capacity of the VR 10 is probably a better match. Any perspectives I should consider? Thanks!
  19. OREGON85

    E-Locker actuator reinstall

    Does anyone have a reference or instructions for reinstalling a e-locker actuator? I had to remove it to lock my front differential to get it out. Thanks!
  20. OREGON85

    Mini Toy to 80 noob intro/questions...

    I have posted a couple times, but figured I should make an official introduction. I've finally accepted the reality that my '85 pickup that I've been wheeling and driving since I could drive is no longer practical now that I have three kids..... so now I have an 80! I love it, even though we...
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