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  1. Franky40

    Rolled, now won't start

    Anyone know of a quick fix? All fluids are OK, getting spark but something won't let the fuel system run properly. Fuel pump tests out OK but won't send anything to the motor. Reset switch somewhere?
  2. Franky40

    SOR Extreme Bikini

    New, still in bag. Spector #272-81 Sells for $149.00 will let go for $75.00 plus shipping. Fits 1973 to ? with factory roll cage.
  3. Franky40

    Wanted  Still looking for flares

    Still looking for some fender flares for a 72 fj40, Northern Utah would be best.
  4. Franky40

    Free 1972 FJ40 engine parts

    Some old stock engine parts, local pick-up only. Parts are in Ogden, Utah. Intake manifold with carb Exhaust header Oil pan Valve cover Starter Alternator Going to the scrap yard next week
  5. Franky40

    76 40 vent linkage

    We are trying to rebuild a 76 fj40 and either the PO stole all of the parts, or this is very different from a 1970 or 72. I can't find any linkage at all, there is nothing mounted to the fire wall. no knob, no nothing. It has the normal drain tubes like the earlier models but I can't find any...
  6. Franky40

    Wanted  Hump and flares for 73fj40

    Looking for both, hopefully close by. (Northern Utah) Oh, and I could use some rear side marker lights and lenses Thanks,
  7. Franky40

    FJ in Salt Lake?

    Anybody know if the FJ will be present at the upcoming car show in Salt Lake? (January 13th. - 17th.)
  8. Franky40

    Tube fabrication ????'s

    I am getting ready to order a tube bender today, after looking and reading for months I have decided to go with the Model 3 made by JD Squared. My question is what die to buy, I can only afford one right now so I want to get the best one for rollcages. I am thinking a 1 1/2" would be the best...
  9. Franky40

    Wanted  Need new body

    Anyone in the Salt Lake or Ogden area have some body parts for sale? Hopefully a good solid tub, aound 1972 or so. See pic and you'll know why.
  10. Franky40

    File size for attachments

    I have pictures of cm2005 I would like to post but they are like 600KB, how can I reduce them to be able to post?
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