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  1. Skreddy

    Skreddy’s 71 Resto

    And color on the bottom, firewall and under the dash!
  2. Skreddy

    Skreddy’s 71 Resto

    Primer on underside and outside of tub, as well as up under dash where it’s going to be hard to reach once upright. Seam sealer is applied to underside as well.
  3. Skreddy

    Skreddy’s 71 Resto

    Ended up not needing the pb, but it was there for moral support. Yes, good thing she was asleep but she’s seen waaaaaay worse over the years.
  4. Skreddy

    Skreddy’s 71 Resto

    Cage nuts came from McMaster-Carr; “metric aligning weld nuts”.
  5. Skreddy

    For Sale FJ40 Toyota 1969 in Missoula - Project

    If I wasn’t in the middle of my build, this would’ve already been unloaded off my trailer. Montana isn’t that far.
  6. Skreddy

    Skreddy’s 71 Resto

    Not very tired so after the wife and kids went to bed I figured I’d strip the doors apart. Pics are just of passenger side but they are both completely disassembled. They both look similar; little surface rust at the bottoms but nothing through or flaky. Even the weatherstrip was still pliable...
  7. Skreddy

    Skreddy’s 71 Resto

    I’m blasting my tub myself and it’s going well except for the weather. I need another hour or so and I’ll be completely blasted and I think ready for paint (on the tub anyhow). Hoping to get epoxy primer all on and color on the underside this weekend. In the meantime, I finished getting the new...
  8. Skreddy

    Clean compressed air

    I got a cheap desiccant filter off amazon and you can stick the desiccant in the oven to dry it out. I’ve had to dry it twice now in my 4 hours of blasting constant (have enough for 2 batches so dump one out to dry out and refill with the dry batch). Each time I dry it I can tell it’s less...
  9. Skreddy

    Clean compressed air

    I have 50’ of air hose coiled around my compressor tank in an upward spiral so any moisture will drain down, then the outlet of the tank has a tee with a ball valve on the downward side to drain and the coiled hose on the upward side. After the coil, the hose connects to a water separator, then...
  10. Skreddy

    Rear Sill Question and Quarter Panel Tips

    1. Using gas is waaaaaaaay better, like a must, with mug on sheet metal. Far cleaner welds and I think the flux cored wire needs more heat? Could be wrong on that one. 2. While mine required less than in his write up, I rebuilt my rear sill and sill cover, as well as patched the section of the...
  11. Skreddy

    New to me ‘66 FJ

    I would try to get the fuel filler as high as possible. The lower it is, the more chance you’ll have some come out when off camber. And it can also be a pain filling it with not much slope to the neck. Cadet blue is a great choice! When I build another one, that’s what color I’ll go with if it...
  12. Skreddy

    Jump Seat Rubber Feet - Dimensions

    They’re a little larger diameter than stock, but a friend used a trailer cargo door bumper for his seats. They were the right height and less than $10 at a local trailer place.
  13. Skreddy

    I’m thinking about pulling the engine any advice.

    A friend of mine used the uv dye in his Ford 427 engine to find leaks before pulling it. Cleaned the engine up really well with the engine cleaner foam, added the uv dye, drove it a week or so then checked with the black light. What he thought was a rear main leak was just the rear of a valve...
  14. Skreddy

    What is this Shield / Bracket?

    I will check those spots out. My first thought based on size and shape was actually a steering box guard. If that’s the case; guess it goes in the matte black pile!
  15. Skreddy

    What is this Shield / Bracket?

    I have this shield or bracket for my 71; I cannot figure out where it goes from looking through pics. It was in a box with the battery mount but that doesn’t mean much. I assume it’s some kind of splash guard or heat shield. Just trying to sort stuff out for paint and this one’s got me.
  16. Skreddy

    Builds Build Thread - My first fj40

    That is a pretty good looking tub! Apparently you also have the only PO ever who didn’t own a drill and liked to use it creating mounting locations for doodads.
  17. Skreddy

    Skreddy’s 71 Resto

    Though my 4 year old was really convincing in her arguments for pink body and purple seats, wheels and motor... I’m excited that my Spring Green paint showed up today! Still a week or two before I think I’ll get color on it but I’ve got everything now when I’m ready.
  18. Skreddy

    Hard start in cooler weather?

    To track down if it’s the ignition when cold, use a hair dryer or heat gun on the distributor with cap removed to warm it up a bit, pop the cap on real quick and try starting it. Have you verified jetting is correct for your location? On a lot of motorcycles I’ve helped people sort out, they...
  19. Skreddy

    Skreddy’s 71 Resto

    All the non factory holes that I could get to from the underside are welded and ground, rear sill cover is on. Got some new cage nuts to weld in for the trans cover where some got stripped off. Started sandblasting the underside today. Hoping to be all done with the underside this week and flip...
  20. Skreddy

    How much seam sealer?

    That’s the one I think I’m going to use.
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