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  1. bulldog77

    For Sale  NJ: FJ40 headlight buckets, rings and other stuff

    4 blade 1F fan- repainted orange in good condition- $15+shipping Headlight buckets and trim - I bought these for my 1970 and they are obviously for a later year. All pictured for $60+shipping. —SOLD— Dipstick 1F - $10 + shipping Winch rope- Not sure if the condition since it came on the...
  2. bulldog77

    SOLD  F engine stuff (lifters, pushrods, head bolts)

    I don't want to trash this stuff if somebody else can use it. Pay for shipping and the following is yours: oil filler, lifters, pushrods, and headbolts I also have a standard main bearing set from SOR (034-08A) that I will include for $20. The box was opened but they are unused ($50...
  3. bulldog77

    SOLD  FJ40 fan spacer - 16365-60030

    I'm looking for a fan spacer - 16365-60030 shipped to 07004. Trying to install a plastic fan to replace my original metal one and just realized that I need one. Thanks!
  4. bulldog77

    Ignition switch position label/sticker?

    Question for the seasoned vets here... I have a 1970 fj40 with the ignition key switch on the dash. Did it come from Toyota with some type of ignition switch position label as shown in the pic below (not mine, just one I found online)? If so, is anybody making them or are they still...
  5. bulldog77

    Wanted  NJ: Warn 8274 winch

    Looking for a reasonably priced warn 8274. Doesn't have to be pretty but hopefully complete and working. I don't mind restoring it over time but would rather not chase down parts. Not sure if shipping costs would kill a deal, I'm located in NJ 07004. Thanks!
  6. bulldog77

    Early clutch fork/hub position advice

    Long story short.... I recently replaced my engine in my 1970 and mated it to the 3 speed with a new clutch. Everything is working properly but when viewing the clutch fork and hub from underneath it doesn't seem as though the fork is fully engaged on the hub clips (see pics). Does this look...
  7. bulldog77

    Wanted  NJ: Looking for a 3 speed clutch fork (1970)

    Looking for a clutch fork for my 1970. Need one in really good condition. If you have a good clutch fork ball too I can use it as well! Thanks, Rob
  8. bulldog77

    Early clutch fork spring 58-74 replacement

    The early clutch fork return spring in no longer available. Does anybody have a decent substitute? Will the later version work just fine? part number is - 90506-18055 Perhaps any old spring will do, just checking in to see if there is a go-to replacement. Thanks! Rob
  9. bulldog77

    FREE  NJ - FJ40 1F head and block

    If you are local in NJ and can use a 1F head and block let me know. I'd hate to send this to the scrap yard if somebody can use it. The #5 rod bearing spun on this engine. I also found one of the rings was broken on that cylinder. Not sure which one happened first. I have the rest of...
  10. bulldog77

    For Sale  NJ: Main and Rod bearings for 1F engine

    I ordered these from SOR back in August. I did end up installing the rod bearings but never actually ran the engine - so they were removed and basically brand new. The Main bearings were opened but never installed. These are standard size for a 1F engine. 034-50A CONROD BEARSTD...
  11. bulldog77

    For Sale  NJ: Brand new Pertronix 91665A Ignitor II and PerTronix 40511 Flame-Thrower

    I bought this a few months back but never installed it. I no longer have a need for it. Please check the pertonix website to make sure it is right for your application. Thanks! Asking $150 SOLD Just a heads up that it may be a couple of days before I can drop this in the mail.
  12. bulldog77

    Wanted  NJ: Looking for a 2F oil filter bracket / housing

    Looking for a 2F oil filter bracket/housing with the threaded hole for an oil sender. I believe these were from 76-81. Thanks! Rob
  13. bulldog77

    Wanted  NJ: Looking for a working oem coil and igniter for a 78+ FJ40

    Please let me know if you have a reasonably priced one for sale. I appreciate it! Thanks, Rob
  14. bulldog77

    Wanted  NJ: Looking for a 2F engine

    Hi, I'm interested in finding a good 2F engine. I'm located in NJ but may be willing to travel a little bit for it or perhaps have it shipped. It all depends on condition and price. Let me know if you have one that you are looking to part with. Thanks, Rob
  15. bulldog77

    Wanted  Looking for safety door strap brackets and heater knob - nj

    Hi all, I'm looking for a pair of door strap brackets like these (don't need the straps, just the brackets). Also looking for one heater knob (also pictured). Thanks! rob
  16. bulldog77

    Wanted  Looking for a FJ40 3 speed flywheel - NJ

    Hi, I'm looking for a 3 speed flywheel that is in good shape. Hopefully somebody has one laying around that they are willing to part with. Two of the pressure plate bolts snapped on mine while trying to remove it and it's been a downward spiral since. I'm hoping to pick up one up, get it...
  17. bulldog77

    Wanted  Speedometer gauge assembly FJ40 69-72

    Hi, I'm looking for just the speedometer assembly, screw on cable type, for a 1970 FJ40. I don't need the whole cluster just a working speedometer/odometer. I don't even care if the actual face of it is ugly, just need the mechanics in good working order. I'll pay more for one with low miles...
  18. bulldog77

    Wanted  FJ40 Trail Cover

    Looking for a trail style cover for an FJ40. Please PM me if you have one sitting around collecting dust! Thanks, Rob
  19. bulldog77

    SOLD  1970 FJ40 Front knuckle/Drum parts - NJ

    Hi, I have some parts taken off of my 1970 fj40 after doing a front disc brake conversion. It has about 30k miles on it so there shouldn't be too much wear on them. Check out the pics of what is available. I don't have the hub or knuckle housing from one side but everything else should be...
  20. bulldog77

    For Sale  FJ40 Random parts clean out part 2 - NJ

    ***Updated prices 7/5*** if you think I'm way off with any of the pricing please let me know. Rear side marker light housings (rough shape but working when pulled - no lens) - $5 for both + shipping Reverse light (no screws) was working when pulled - $10 + shipping SOLD wipers (all three...
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