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  1. jtwopark

    For Sale  ARB 80 series side rails for sale

    Complete and intact ARB side rail steps for sale Asking $350
  2. jtwopark


    is this part number still available? If so who has 2 that they want to sell me? I keep seeing used ones for the price of a brand new...just I have not been able to source this part for the longest time....please help!
  3. jtwopark

    pentosin atf 1

    anyone use this fluid for the tranny in our 80s?
  4. jtwopark

    Hydralic bump stops

    has anyone put hydralic bumpstops on their 80?
  5. jtwopark

    For Sale  yodateq side gullwing doors

    for sale is yodateq side gullwing hatch doors asking what i paid for! $1250 obo!
  6. jtwopark

    IH8MUD license plate frames?? can someone make them for us to buy?

    I did search, but I guess there hasn't been one in the past. I have found calendars but no plate frames. who can make it? Yodateq??
  7. jtwopark

    9.5 rear end with 5.29 much do I need to grind off?

    I am installing detroit lockers and 5.29s I can't get the third back on to the axle housing. how much do I need to grind? does anyone have pictures? thanks in advancej!
  8. jtwopark

    knuckle rebuild in progress...

    Hello, I am in the process of rebuilding my knuckles and came across something that kind of got me thinking>>> The JT kit that i purchased has a bunch of shim for the trunnion bearings on top side of the knuckle...THE QUESTION IS: DO I REUSE THE ORIGINALS OR WHICH SHIMS DO I USE IF USING THE...
  9. jtwopark

    For Sale  ome heavies front and rear fzj80 socal $250 and other parts

    rear axle housing complete -----no thirds or axles 4 17x7.5 +15 2014 toyota 4-runner wheels for sale $500obo basically brand new! pretty good condition front and rear doors and glass $350 eachthats what the 4 runner wheel look like on 37" tires
  10. jtwopark

    37" tires

    Can people help me decide on which tires to buy. 345/75/16 or go with 37x12.50R17 both tires are 36.7 inches but for the 17s I have to use the 2014 4 runner wheels while the 345s will go on the factory 16x8 if you guys have pictures I would really appreciate them. also, how much...
  11. jtwopark


    will these tires fit? getting ready to buy some new tires and found these tires for a good price they are yokohama geolander M/Ts thanks in advance
  12. jtwopark

    ome spring help

    i have j springs front and rear would like to level out the front with out spacers which comp spring would i use the 4" or 5" thanks in adv.
  13. jtwopark

    where do i stick the seafoam?

    Hello, where do i stick in the seafoam and what vacuum line do i use....and are there benefits from doing it? seems Autozone is really pushing this stuff.....they said i had to buy it cause it is on a "special" deal this month only. Well, I fell for it and then later found out that Walmart has...
  14. jtwopark

    ARB side rails

    where can i get replacement ARB side rails i tried emailing ARB to see if they sell replacement side answer!! Do any of you guys know if the side rails are available? i have the side steps but really bent out of shape side rails.....replacement side rail part numbers?? anyone?
  15. jtwopark

    building a rear bumper for 80 series

    I just started to build a rear bumper but i need some help and information on where i need to place the spindles for the swing out and also where I need to source the various parts that I need to complete the project.
  16. jtwopark

    opinions on lockers

    I am getting ready to add lockers to my rig and just wanted to see if this is a good idea. I am looking into adding extra traction for the least amount of money. first of all, i am planning on doing some aussie or detroits in the rear with AWD intact. then add air lockers to the front using...
  17. jtwopark

    carbon fiber fender flares? does anyone make them?

    I know that it is kinda weird asking if such a thing as a carbon fiber fender flares exists but i have done all the google searching but have not come up with anything. does anyone have an insight to this? It seems that it would be possible to make a mold since i have my fenders off...
  18. jtwopark

    1993 land cruiser fsm

    i have searched for the fsm but could only come up with the one for a this the same for the 93 as well? thanks in advance I have a loud knocking noise coming from the bottom front of the engine and getting ready to prepare myself for some bad news... i didn't notice the sound before...
  19. jtwopark

    For Sale  (CA, SCV) 2005 jeep wrangler pro comp 16" wheels for sale

    I am kinda new here and don't know if i can put non toyota stuff on here. But I need to unload these things for sale the pro comp wheels are 16" gloss black 5x4.5 bolt pattern..came off a 2005 wrangler. asking $250 for a set of 5 rims I do not know the offset though. minor paint...
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