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    For Sale  4 Stock 18" Land Cruiser Wheels - $225

    These came off my 2003 Land Cruiser. I've got 2 center caps included 18x8 size, 5x150 $225 picked up in Northern VA, will ship for actual cost of shipping/materials Cosmetically fair condition, but no cracks, no bends, no wobbles.
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    For Sale  Stock Springs from 2003 Land Cruiser - Rust free $50

    Came off the vehicle with 192k miles on it, clean springs. Non-AHC suspension. $50 picked up I can ship for actual shipping cost (expect it to be about $30-60 shipping) Located in Northern, VA
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    For Sale  18" Factory wheels 5 spoke Hyper Silver + Tires (Set of 5) - Northern, VA

    These came off my 2003 LC, 4 are dismounted, one has a brand new tire (still in the spare carrier). $300 for the set. I also have a set of 4 Michelin Defender LTX tires with 8/32nd tread left for $450. Ill do a package deal for $650 for everything (5 wheels and tires) Pickup in Northern, VA...
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    For Sale  Steering Rack Bushings - Super Pro 03+ $40 shipped

    Selling a new set of bushings. I took them out of the package, and fitted one into my rack, only to realize my rack needed replacement. Just popped out the bushing and put it back in the package. These are in new condition, never driven on. $40 shipped including PP fees.
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    Correct OEM Toyota U-Joint Part # for 100's?

    So ive searched and searched, but cant seem to find a definitive answer on what U-joint part numbers work for which years, specifically for front and rear drive shafts. I called McGeorge and they said for my 03 LC (10/02 build date), that the U joints are not serviceable, and id need to buy new...
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    Wanted  SCS F5 Wheels Bronze

    Does anyone have a set, been looking to get these for a while with no real luck. Looking for F5 wheels in bronze only, 5x150 Thanks!
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    Engine oil cooler gasket woes - huge oil leak

    I was doing my steering rack, and in process moved the oil cooler out of the way. I noticed the gasket was already leaking a bit, so i decided ill go get a new one and slap it in. This is not the gasket that sits on the block, but rather the gasket that separates the actual oil cooling unit from...
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    Steering rack bushing advice needed - Driver side is buggered

    I checked my bushings, and they were totally shot, super torn, so i commenced replacement. I was able to get the passenger side out with my air hammer, the driver side though...different story. I air hammered it a good bit, but the shell of the bushing was pretty much cut through by my air...
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    Wanted  Headlight Drivers Side 100 series LC

    I have a hole in my glass headlight, drivers side (US Car), wont pass inspection with this hole. Does anyone have a good condition drivers side headlight I can buy? I'll be looking to upgrade to a full projector setup eventually, but just want to be able to drive. Thanks!
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    Talk me out of buying a tough dog lift kit!

    So i just got my LC about 2 weeks ago, and sadly it wasnt disclosed that most of the bushings are shot, including the shock cushions. So im changing pretty much every suspension component back to be refreshed. Not a huge deal as I expect to do such on a truck thats close to 200k miles, but...
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    Wanted  06-07 LC (no LX), No rust, well maintained with records

    Hi all, Owned a few 4runners, but now i think its time to step into an LC. I've got some PTSD dealing with rust on my 3rd gen 4runner, so im looking for a mostly rust free example LC thats been well cared for and maintained. Stock or some mods are fine, not too picky about that. Im located in...
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