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  1. Roadnoiz40

    FJ62 cam gear. Wear compared to the steel Fj40 gear

    Anyone have info on when to replace the composite camshaft gear on the FJ62? This was changed from the steel gear to have a quieter engine & reduced weight. Friends FJ62 has 200k+ miles on the engine. Still runs well. Looking for someone that has data and maybe pics of the gear after xxx miles...
  2. Roadnoiz40

    '76 FJ40 2F oil pressure after new sending unit installed.

    I was worried about the oil pressure on the 83,000 mile 2F engine. When warmed up, the pressure on the factory gage was only about 3/16" above the "L" on the gage at idle. the sending unit was original from 1976. I purchased a new Toyota sending unit, (yes these are still manufactured and used...
  3. Roadnoiz40

    Toyota technician explanation wanted: '75 &'76 distributors with vacuum retard

    I have a 1976 FJ40 that has a build date of 9/75. These two years had vacuum retard canisters on the distributor ( instead of vacuum advance) from the factory. The ignition at this point in time was moving to total electronic. They had a "box" but the distributor still had points. I have the...
  4. Roadnoiz40

    1976 distributor breaker point plate

    Anyone have one of these in good condition? The breaker plate has small ball bearings for rotation with the vacuum advance/retard unit. Mine has been cleaned in an ultra sonic tank and rotates, but has some "ratchety" rotation. Is this normal? Regards; Desert FJ40 in need of a part.
  5. Roadnoiz40

    Need help with front door speaker size please

    I have a friend who is 80 Y/O and purchased a 1988 FJ62 new. I would like to purchase a new set of front door speakers for his rig as a present. We towed his fishing boat to a local lake yesterday. The factory radio (dead) was replaced with one found on Bay. The head unit works well. Same unit...
  6. Roadnoiz40

    Identify these two components: 1990 Toyota 4x4 truck on valve cover

    Anyone have any idea what these tow components are on the 22re 4 cylinder engine of a 1990 Toyota truck? Friends truck caught fire and these two melted somewhat.
  7. Roadnoiz40

    Exxon Valdez no more

    Friend brought his JF62 over for a valve adjustment today. We removed the valve cover and saw that the gasket (million years old) had a nice 1/8" split completely through it on the EFI side. Maybe this was why it was leaking oil all over the driveway. We also cleaned out the throttle body. WOW...
  8. Roadnoiz40

    Wanted  1988 FJ62 factory radio w/ cassette

    Anyone have one of these sitting around the garage? Looking for a factory radio like the picture. Mine turns on, but none of the buttons function. Model 5635 Toyota unit.
  9. Roadnoiz40

    Wanted  1988 FJ62 smog hose

    I need to replace the hose on the bottom of the silencer. Hose is split. See pic with the blue arrow in the center of the frame. Tempe Arizona
  10. Roadnoiz40

    Wanted  1988 FJ62 smog hose needed

    Need a decent condition smog hose. See arrow on pic. Mine is hard and cracked. Thanks
  11. Roadnoiz40

    '88 FJ62 wagon with 213000 miles.

    A friend brought his 1988 FJ62 over to the garage for some maintenance. We changed out the diff fluids, adjusted the backup light switch so the lights came on in reverse, installed some bushings on the linkage from the shifter to get a tighter operation. I test drove this bone stock vehicle, (he...
  12. Roadnoiz40

    '88 FJ62: Need smog pump hoses

    Anyone have a source for the Toyota part numbers: 1734161030 1734261040 1734361030 1734461020 These are the original Toyota part numbers for the molded rubber hoses for the smog pump. Thanks Mike
  13. Roadnoiz40

    '76 j40 master cylinder: rebuild or replace?

    All Got a leak in the rear reservour of the brake master cylinder. Loosing fluid quickly. Fire wall has peeling paint, no issues on the inside of the cab. The master was replaced about 10 years back, and vehicle does not have much mileage since then. Should I go for a rebuild, or a kit, or a new...
  14. Roadnoiz40

    For Sale  1983 Ramcharger Big block

    ’83 Ramcharger for Sale Tempe AZ 1983 Dodge Ramcharger Prospector 4x4 Durabak gray coating 440 +.030” 346 heads Edelbrock intake, Hooker headers, dual exhaust, double roller timing chain Valve job and installed bronze guides in heads in 2009 at Maurer’s Tempe Hughes camshaft HE1423BL...
  15. Roadnoiz40

    Aisin carb secondary

    1976 FJ40 with factory 6 and Aisin carb. Lately, the vehicle seemed lethargic when deep in the gas pedal. Did a compression check, all cylinders are 140psi or slightly above. Used to run like a raped ape to 70 mph or so. (For the standard 6 cylinder) checked the carb when the engine was warm...
  16. Roadnoiz40

    2F starter is there a high torque available?

    Someone said that a starter off a Toyota (****) will fit and work on the 2F engine. Any feedback on what one to get? I seem to remember that the replacement is higher torque and spins faster. Was it a Corolla or ?
  17. Roadnoiz40

    AZ EPA approved March 1 no emissions for Vintage

    EPA approves exemptions for classic car emission testing 09:05 AM MST on Friday, December 22, 2006 Associated Press PHOENIX (AP) -- Collectable cars and trucks can soon skip emissions testing in Maricopa and Pima Counties. The Environmental Protection Agency approved Arizona legislation...
  18. Roadnoiz40

    Anyone seen one of these??

    1/4" thick AL with cooling fins.
  19. Roadnoiz40

    It is still there for $3200

    1977 FJ55 with factory six. Running condition. Crown King AZ.
  20. Roadnoiz40

    Will this engine fit in an FJ40 engine bay??

    Stroker SB with cam to reach max torque at 3400 rpm.
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