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  1. cybrstar

    Transmission Filter change?

    So yes it’s a metal mesh filter and doesn’t really need to be changed. Model I’m dealing with is a A442f. Took it off to replace the solenoids. Looking at the filter it still looks good and doesn’t look like there is any gunk on it and am thinking about reusing it. But if it’s an original...
  2. cybrstar

    front axle GRRR?

    Yes I've search but it my GRR seems to be a new issue. Whats happening, deceleration there is a GRR noise coming from the front end especially going downhill with just releasing the throttle. Suspects, Ujouints, Slip joint, driveshaft ect. Steps Ive taken is swap out the driveshaft from my DC...
  3. cybrstar

    1 person Head Removal?

    I tried to search but there are too many threads on doing the Headgasket, which I am about to attempt. I was wondering how hard it is to pull and install the head with just 1 person? Is an engine crane/cherry picker needed or can you muscle it off/on?
  4. cybrstar

    For Sale  SF bay Area FZJ80 clean set Factory Rims and new tires $500

    selling a set of FZJ80 rims and tires. Tires are almost new thread factory size 275/70/16 and rims are in pretty good condition, no peeling or scaling. Asking $500.
  5. cybrstar

    Company? Install or supply camper top?

    Is there anyone Here that can point me in the direction on a company here in the United States that can supply me with a camper top just like the one @LandCruiserPhil has on top of his rig?
  6. cybrstar

    80 lights

    Why can’t anyone make 80 lights like this. Buahaha.
  7. cybrstar

    Overland bound?

    Did they make you get an FZJ80? They’re so informative with our rigs. I think I’m going totry they’re latest fix. DIY door satin paint on the window trim. got to love they’re enthusiastic love for the 80.
  8. cybrstar

    Yukon zip air locker

    Everyone goes ARB which is a proven name in itself when it comes to air lockers. But at a pricepoint of nearly 25% off what an ARB cost the zip locker is looking more reasonable financially. I haven’t seen to many reviews on this forum on this particular brand for air lockers but has anyone...
  9. cybrstar

    For Sale  Sf Bay Area great condition factory side steps and mud flaps and bumper corners

    Make an offer for the side steps and mid flaps. And no I will not take $40 nor am I asking $400 for the side steps and mud flaps. Reasonable and serious offers. Thanks.
  10. cybrstar

    Differential carrier swap ARB

    I was wondering how hard would it be to replace our stock carrier to and ARB. I’ll be keeping my stock 4.10 gears and wouldn’t be messing with pinion depth just resetting ring backlash. Of course checking the pattern too. It would be my first carrier replacement and it doesn’t look that hard...
  11. cybrstar

    250k rear wheel bearings? Really?

    Okay. It all starts with installing a rear spartan, then heck, axles are out and let me see how the bearing are. So I take out the nut and this is what I see. Really? 250k and I don’t really see why I should replace the bearing. I’m thinking new seals and just repack the old bearing and...
  12. cybrstar

    For Sale  Sf, Ca 1996 Lexus 450lx transmission low miles

    I have a low mileage, 100k, used transmission from a 1996 Lexus LX450. I purchased this transmission about 10 years ago and has been in my storage since. The previous owner said it was a spare transmission from a turbo build that he had, which were blowing transmission, and sold the vehicle...
  13. cybrstar


    I’m doing my front axle rebuild and I think I found gold! Open the knuckle and I find this. Red grease with metal shavings. WTH. Who uses red grease? Anyways what do you guys think? Axles toast? Sky’s going to rain chickens? Has anyone encountered this? What’s your take on what’s going...
  14. cybrstar

    Moly grease color

    It’s time to rebuild the front axle again. For the last 20 years I’ve been using black moly ep grease. While looking at the store I ran into the grey one. Anyone know the difference?
  15. cybrstar

    Rear bumper swing out?

    I’m just curious on how people’s swing outs are. With all the weight that we carry I’m just wondering if my single is to heavy and should I fabricate it to a dual. So if you can help me by answering a couple of questions so that I can get an idea of how yours are doing brand of bumpers...
  16. cybrstar

    For Sale  FZJ80/100 series arms lift springs OME/Slee And shock SFBAY AREA

    Selling a couple of springs that have been sitting around. Slee 6 inch front couple of years old-$80 Slee 4 inch rear couple of years old- $80 OME 850j front springs 3-4 inch lift- $130 OME 863 rear 3-4 inch lift spring almost brand new- $130 OME 866 progressive for UZJ100 almost brand new-...
  17. cybrstar

    SOLD  3.11 trail gear low range gears (Sf Bay Area)

    I have for sale a brand new set of 3.11 trail gear gears for an FZJ80/FJ80. Never used just never had the chance to install. $390 shipped.
  18. cybrstar

    Show Your Light Setup

    I wanted to start this thread because I don’t think one has been started yet, can’t believe it. I’m interested in installing lighting on my rig and would like to see some ideas of what you guys are doing. I know the most common will be the front, get out of my way lights, but am more...
  19. cybrstar

    SOLD  FZJ80 manafre drop bracket

    Selling a set of 3 inch Manafre drop brackets. These are used to correct caster for the FZJ80. $250 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Never been used. Just tried to fit.
  20. cybrstar

    For Sale  MANFRE drop brackets

    Selling a set of 3 inch Manafre drop brackets. These are used to correct caster for the FZJ80. $250 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Never been used. Just tried to fit but it wouldn’t clear my sliders.
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