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  1. reddingcruiser

    I can't help myself!

    It's like eating potato chips, seems I just can't stop. This build is a little different inasmuch as the starting point is a little rougher than usual. While the 40 is solid (mostly), there's plenty of PO mischief to fix along the way. When the owner picked up this '69 FJ40 it had a 'running'...
  2. reddingcruiser

    Yeah, another LS swap

    Starting a new project for a friend and working towards going legit with the shop (that's the 'practicing for retirement' part in my signature). The good news is this is already a really nice looking rig that's been in number of local car shows but it does get used off road, and this year's...
  3. reddingcruiser

    MUDShip  3Fe on a pallet from Norcal to Phoenix (Mesa) - SHIPPER FOUND

    I have a complete 3Fe on a pallet that needs to get to Mesa, AZ. I'm in Northern California (Redding), only 3 1/2 miles off of I-5. Needs to get to a guy trying to get his '89 FJ62 back on the road.
  4. reddingcruiser

    Wanted  FJ60 Smog Hoses

    I'm looking for two smog hoses in serviceable condition for a May '86 FJ60: The smog pump to ABV hose (Toyota 17342) and, The smog pump to air cleaner hose (Toyota 17341)
  5. reddingcruiser

    Show Us Your Christmas Cruiser Swag - Tech Related

    Even though my 40 has plenty of clearance, the lift will make access a whole lot easier!
  6. reddingcruiser

    TLCA  32nd Annual Rubithon Official Thread, Date Change - August 18-23, 2020 - EVENT CANCELED

    Important Notice: These are indeed strange times. Who would have believed last November that the economies of entire nations would slow to a trickle in just four months? Or that the news cycle would be nonstop COVID-19? It is a fact that the effects of COVID-19 are global and have impacted...
  7. reddingcruiser

    Who has a two-post lift and a 40?

    Well, my new three bay shop is underway and I am planning ahead for a two-post lift. I am looking for feedback from those among you that ACTUALLY HAVE AND USE a two-post lift to work under an FJ40. I have researched some of the material from BendPak and Rotary Lift, but am looking for some...
  8. reddingcruiser

    New addition to our Landcruiser family - vacuum routing info?

    I'm normally on the 40 side, and typically buy 60's for parts, but I think this one is a keeper. It's 98% original but is missing a few vacuum lines I need to get hooked up to get it smogged. I'm looking for a DETAILED vacuum line schematic for a '85 FJ60. Any good links out there.
  9. reddingcruiser

    TLCA  31st Annual Rubithon - 2019 Registration Now Open - NEW DATES!!

    Well, just like that 2019 came in like a lion, and it snowed and snowed and snowed...…………….(and we're still waiting for it to go out like a lamb). So, here’s the news many folks have been expecting: the Rubithon is being postponed due to the record snow pack in the Sierra-Nevada Range. Anyone...
  10. reddingcruiser

    2F Air Rail Plugs

    I'm looking for a source for the plugs for the air rail injector holes for a 2F. Either someone that sells them or size and thread pitch.
  11. reddingcruiser

    Parting Out  1984 FJ60 - California Vehicle

    This FJ60 is a California vehicle. The following items are already sold: T-case Engine (smog stuff is available) Power Steering pump and gear box Front CV drive shaft Everything else is available. LOTS of good sheet metal! Damage is limited to the passenger door and fender. The window frame on...
  12. reddingcruiser

    ECM options for Ram Jet 350 in a 40

    Has anybody been able to use another/aftermarket GM TPI ECM to run a Chevrolet Ram Jet 350 engine, and get better off road performance? Something that can be reprogrammed for better low-end response? Asking for a friend.
  13. reddingcruiser

    Paint Code

    I just finished plugging the 16"x16" 'vent' hole the PO carved in the fiberglass cap (and about a dozen other holes) for the wife's 40. Now I'm looking for the correct paint code for the cap on a 1972 FJ40.
  14. reddingcruiser

    Builds  The Wife Got A New FJ40 - Yes it WAS in a Barn

    Well, after all she did find it. Several months ago while touring the local wine country my wife struck up a conversation with a gal pouring wine at one of the wineries and learned her family had an FJ40 sitting in their barn for the past 8 years. At one time it was used to entertain the kids...
  15. reddingcruiser

    For Sale  FJ40 Front and Rear Axles with Lockers

    I am selling my not-so-stock FJ40 axles. Front axle has a large pattern knuckles, disk brake axle set up for SOA, 4Plus extender sleeve and 62.5 +/_ WMS-WMS, ARB, oil fill plug relocated to compensate for SOA and C&T. Ruff Stuff spring perches. Set up to be installed WITHOUT out-boarding the...
  16. reddingcruiser

    Time to swap out the 40 axles

    Well, I couldn't pass up the deal and this takes care of my full-float rear axle craving. I am also upgrading the front axle with the FJ80 birfs and Hell Fire knuckles and high steer from Ruff Stuff. I've done enough reading today on 'mud to know there's no way I'm putting the FJ80 front axle...
  17. reddingcruiser

    Clean 1973 FJ40 in the middle of nowhere

    So, I am out taking pictures of propane tank deliveries for a presentation I am working on and the first thing I see when we roll up to the site is a nice FJ40. This place is in the middle of nowhere, you don't get here unless you are deliberately heading here. As I talk to the owner (really...
  18. reddingcruiser

    Show me your 4-Linked FJ40 rear axle with stock T-case

    My winter projects include a 4-Link rear suspension. Though I originally thought I would go with an Atlas and sell my Orion, I would rather not take on the additional expense. Plus, I had my VERY low mileage Orion listed for months and only had interest from folks that wanted it for free. My new...
  19. reddingcruiser

    What gold nugget?

    Saw this on the internet and I didn't even notice the gold nugget, but it's pretty cool, too.
  20. reddingcruiser

    My LM7/4L60e Build

    I have posted a lot of what's in here over the past 7 months in the popular "What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week" thread, but I thought it would be fun to put it all together with additional photos in one build thread with a little reasoning behind some of my choices. I had...
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