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  1. VETTE60

    For Sale  Sacramento, Ca. minitruck steering box

    Toyota IFS minitruck steering gear box. not sure if it needs a rebuild. $100. located in Plcaerville, can bring to Sacramento. email for quicker response.
  2. VETTE60

    For Sale  Sacramento, Ca. FJ62 transfer case,

    transfer case out of an FJ62. pulled it several years ago for a project. its all there in a box not put together. $100. located in Placerville. can bring it to Sacramento. $100 email me at for quicker response.
  3. VETTE60

    For Sale  Sacramento, Ca. fj80 transfer case, starter, m/cyl. others

    transfer case out of my 1994 80 series. no issues when pulled from my 80. $100. local pickup. starter from 1994, worked when pulled $50. master cylinder from 1994 ABS. no issues $40. ABS module no issues $50 Left headlight 1994 $25 also have a cruise control module with cable. unsure if it...
  4. VETTE60

    For Sale  Sacramento, CA. fj80 steering box

    have a steering box out of 1994 fj80. needs rebuild, comes with Gates Rebuild seal kit. $100. prefer not to ship email me at for faster response.
  5. VETTE60

    For Sale  Sacramento, Ca. 2 fj80 wheels

    I have 2 fj80 wheels in decent shape with tires on them on ok shape for a spare. $50 for both. come get 'em! located in Placerville. email me at for faster response.
  6. VETTE60

    For Sale  CA. 1968 fj40 clean

    ************SOLD************ selling my 68 fj40. its a very clean rig and I was going to build it into a crawler but I realize I have no available free time for another project so here it goes.. 1968 Fj40 factory engine. runs like a top Odometer shows 39815.8 miles. I am not sure if that is...
  7. VETTE60

    For Sale  1996 fj80 built overland/crawler Factory Lockers

    up for sale is my clean 1996 fj80 $12k extensive mods done 277k on the engine. runs great, I would not hesitate to climb in it and drive cross country today. been running mobile 1 synthetic for several years. occasionally I will get a code for the classic P401 EGR. I have redone the EGR before...
  8. VETTE60

    For Sale  sacramento CL 80 series

    putting up a link for a friend. good rig, well maintained. complete head and valve job recently. 94 land cruiser fj80
  9. VETTE60

    For Sale  Ca. Rear Fj40 heater.

    rear fj40 heater, excellent shape. $100 shipped
  10. VETTE60

    For Sale  Pertronix ignition conversion 2f

    FS Pertronix ignition conversion kit # 1665A for 2f. new in the box $50 + ship. retails for $90
  11. VETTE60

    For Sale  sacramento. factory Fj80 wheel and tire

    have 1 factory wheel from my 96 that was the spare. tire is in good shape. $50 local pick up in sacramento/Placerville area.
  12. VETTE60

    For Sale  Sacramento, set of 5 BFG's and wheels

    I have a set of 5 tires and wheels 33x12.50x15 4 BFG AT's 90% tread 1 BFG Mud 100% tread all mounted on aluminum bead lock styled wheels 6x5-1/2 lug pattern. these are the old style but in perfect shape. came on my 40 I bought from a friend. very little use. $975 local pick up. email me at...
  13. VETTE60

    Wanted  fj60 rear springs

    looking for a set of stock fj60 rear springs. Sacramento Area.
  14. VETTE60

    For Sale  Ca. Fj40 fold down jump seats and upholstery kit.

    *****SOLD***** for sale a set of rear flip down jump seats and complet SOR padding and upholstery kit new in the bag. the upholstery kit alone is $350 from specter. $300 for all of it. located in Pollock Pines, Ca. East of Sacramento.
  15. VETTE60

    For Sale  Ca. fj40 diamond plate quarter panels

    rear aluminum quarter pannels used in good shape. and new rear lower tailgate sill strip. $100 located in Pollock Pines, East of Sacramento.
  16. VETTE60

    SOLD  Ca. BNIB 1958-1974 SOR Clutch kit

    brand new in box complete Specter #018-19A-kit cluch kit. Specter price was $440. I'll take $325.
  17. VETTE60

    For Sale  Ca. 1994 1FZFE/trans/tcase from 80 series.

    GONE!!! engine tranny and tcase 230k. HG was recently done on it. ran when parted out due to me dropping a tree on the roof....Doh! $1000 for the whole shebang. OBO. possible delivery within reasonable distance. located east of Sacramento in Pollock Pines.
  18. VETTE60

    For Sale  CA. fj40 hard top and doors

    ****SOLD**** up for sale from my '68. I believe for 68-74? complete hard top and doors in excellent shape. all glass is intact. window rubber on the top will need replacing, and it comes with all new window rubber and felt for the doors also. rear lift hatch. located in Pollock Pines East of...
  19. VETTE60

    For Sale  Ca. Bantam off road trailer

    up for sale is my bantam military trailer. had it for several years and just don't bring that much stuff with me anymore. was previously sandblasted and painted black, though it could use a freshening up. tailgate is not stock, but made of diamond plate with toggle latches. wheel bearings could...
  20. VETTE60

    For Sale  Ca. '84 FJ60 crawler

    *****SOLD***** putting my rig up for sale. 1984 FJ60 SOA 2.5" springs 37" MTR's maybe 20% left 15x10 street lock wheels TPI 383 Chevy. running rough. was rebuilt about 3000 miles ago. had been running perfect. likely needs a few new sensors. may be easier to remove the TPI and put on a...
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