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  1. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  2010 Tacoma wheels

    Looking for a set of wheels for my recently purshased truck. 2010 Tacoma 4wd, let me know what you have. Located in new haven CT. Thank you.
  2. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  CT Tacoma 2010 wheels

    Resently bought a second gen Tacoma and looking for a set of wheels, preferably 16s but open to other choices. Let me know what you have. Located in new haven. Thank you.
  3. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  First gen tacoma

    Looking to replace my now gone Toyota pick up with a first generation Tacoma. Must be standard 4x4. Contact me with what you have Cash$$$$ in hand. Located in CT. Thank you.
  4. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  Reservoir bottle bracket

    I’m looking for this bracket that holds the reservoir bottle to the radiator on a 88 bj70. If anybody has one laying around and whant to get rid of it. Shipping to 06851. Pm me with what you have. thanks.
  5. Uzjgaspowered

    eBay  Bj70

    I came across this truck on eBay It doesn’t look terrible for the price what do you guys think anything out of the ordinary. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Bj70 1990 | eBay
  6. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  Reservoir bottle

    Looking for a new or in good condition "no cracks" windshield reservoir bottle #85330-90k07. Let me know what you have
  7. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  Fj62 front end cap RH

    Looking for a fj62 front bumper end cap in good condition. Passenger side RH. Shipped to 06851. Paypal ready. Thank you.
  8. Uzjgaspowered

    For Sale  Split wheels

    For sale or trade 5 split wheels sizes 15x5.50. No shipping willing to drive within reason.$350.00 Located in new haven Connecticut. Trade only for another set of wheels must fit straight axle land cruiser. PM me with what you have.
  9. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  3b water separator.

    I'm in the haunt for a water separator with the plunch/ primer on top of the separator not in the ip for mi 3b diesel. If you have one for sale or know of anybody or have any leads please pm. Thank you .
  10. Uzjgaspowered

    Turn signal switch

    Hi guys! I got this new switch for my 89 Bj70 but it doesn't have the second white plug. Does anybody knows what that is for? Would it work? By the way old part # 84310-60560 New part # 84310-60571. Any ideas...
  11. Uzjgaspowered

    60 axles into a 70 series ????

    Hi guys! I'm working on a 1989 BJ70 which it came with drums all around and a h55f. I have access to a complete axle assemblies front and back that came from a 1989 fj62 with the h42 transmission. Would this be a possible "easy" swap were I don't have to cut and weld and what not. I can't find...
  12. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  Bj70 hood rod prop.

    As the title goes I'm looking for a hood rod prop for a 90 bj70. it must be especific to 70 series. All ready tried diferent ones from other models 60s landcruisers, pickups 4runners they are all me with what you have.thank you.
  13. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  !!3b oil cooler cover!!

    Looking for a 3b oil cooler cover! Or any leads on where can I find one! Thanks!!
  14. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  !!3b oil cooler cover!!

    I'm looking for a oil cooler cover for my proyect 3b-II or if you guys have any leads? I'll appreciate
  15. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  70 series hood rod support.

    As the title in need of a hood rod support for my new project bj70. Thanks
  16. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  12 volt bj70 instrument cluster.

    Looking for a 12 volt bj70 instrument cluster in good condition . Pm me with what you have. Shipping to 06851. Thank you in advance.
  17. Uzjgaspowered

    Purchasing advice help!.

    I'm going to go checking a bj70. Does anyone has a check list kind of thing, pre purchase process things to look for vin # location.etc. What should I be looking for engine wise? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Happy cruising...
  18. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  78 fj40 distributor

    Hi fellow members! I'm looking for a 78 fj40 distributor part # 19100-61100. Hopefully some one has one in good condition, it must hold vacuum on the advancer/ retard. If you have the clamp that's even better.Thank you.
  19. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  Uzj100 lx,landcruiser or gx470.

    Hi guys I'm in the market for a family truck. As the title states looking for either landcruiser, LX or GX. Prefebly early 2000s. My budget is about $8k -10k. Call me with what you have. Than you in advance.
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