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  1. -Spike-

    Different spare tire diameter, auto locker

    I don't think it works that way. The full circumference of the tire still needs to travel over the ground. It might help a little, as much as the fully inflated tire might stretch, but that ain't much.
  2. -Spike-

    Knuckle Studs- Toyota finally has their decision concerning thread locker...

    Heat wouldn't release it? Probably a dumb question, the extraction was probably complicated, and the spare knuckle an easy choice.
  3. -Spike-

    Different spare tire diameter, auto locker

    It would be helpful to know which axle the locker is going into, and whether or not you still have the viscous coupler in the transfer case. If you do, the tire size matters, and you shouldn't run it regardless of which axle the locker is on. Unless you do plan on pulling a driveshaft.
  4. -Spike-

    Round-Hole Pattern Wheel Recommendations? (Ref Black Rock 997 Type 8 / ICON)

    YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!! But you're right about this.
  5. -Spike-

    RTH low pressure power steering hose

    I haven't used Joey's hose, but I have experienced this issue with other hose on this job and others. I sometimes shove (closed) needle nose pliers into the hose end as far as I can and then open them as much as possible, to stretch it out a bit. I prefer to use long-reach pliers, for the extra...
  6. -Spike-

    PS pump rebuild-noise

    @Tinkertoy Thanks for providing the solution, so many of this kind of threads are left hanging. Glad you were able to get it working!
  7. -Spike-

    Pigtails and soldering or crimp new pins?

    Well, I guess there isn't a whole lot of demand for them, since crimping is widely considered to be the better solution due to reasons this guy explains better than I ever could, but they do exist.
  8. -Spike-

    Pigtails and soldering or crimp new pins?

    While crimping is cheaper, it's not a volume issue. Automated soldering is a thing. And in this case, the cheaper option happens to also be the better option.
  9. -Spike-

    Pigtails and soldering or crimp new pins?

    As @NLXTACY was alluding to, there are reasons that solder is not used in vehicle harnesses, and it's not primarily due to costs. When a stranded wire is soldered it loses its flexibility and becomes brittle at the transition point, which can cause problems in a system that sees a lot of...
  10. -Spike-

    You've been spotted

    Out of respect for people's privacy. Some people (me included) don't want their lives documented online for eternity. While it's not easy to identify people from their license number, it's not impossible. There could be legal ramifications in some situations, for instance a posted pic being used...
  11. -Spike-

    80 Series, very poor handling

    Have you followed any of the advice in this thread? I would add bushings to the list of things to check, and don't overlook the rear control arm bushings. My truck used to steer like a skateboard- overcorrecting with each twitch of the wheel that caused any lean. It turned out to be trashed...
  12. -Spike-

    Shifted to 4Low in drive. Did i break it ?

    I could swear the transmission has to be in neutral, not park, if the engine is running to shift the transfer case. Shutting off the engine is one way to ensure a smooth shift. Adjusting the transmission shift linkage is another, and preferred imo.
  13. -Spike-

    any harm driving without the front drive shaft?

    Lock the CDL and drive it all you like.
  14. -Spike-

    Oil Cooler leak

    Ok, I don't see a question. Hopefully it got answered.
  15. -Spike-

    Oil Cooler leak

    Is this thread a continuation of something that came up in another thread, or are you asking a question? FWIW that's a transmission fluid (oil) cooler. You may already know that, but it wasn't clear. Also, it's not related to oil that may be in your coolant reservoir, as coolant doesn't run...
  16. -Spike-

    Wheel speed knock

    One possible issue that it could be- a chipped or broken ring gear. Might explain the free play in the drive shaft. Best way I know of to take a look is a snake cam, aka endoscope or borescope.
  17. -Spike-

    RTH - Can I drive my truck a short distance without the drive flanges installed?

    I should probably clarify that this should not be done for any kind of distance with the front driveshaft installed. The birf axle stub outer ends are normally supported by the drive flanges, and they'll be flopping a bit and spinning against the inside of the spindle if the driveshaft is still...
  18. -Spike-

    Help ID-ing Radiator

    I have no idea. I'd think Toyota superceded the brass core rad so you probably can't get an OEM brass rad. However, I don't know what aftermarket companies do, so I always put '96 in the search forms.
  19. -Spike-

    Center Diff Lock Indicator Light and ABS Light Not Working

    Check the CDL position sensor and wiring. You may have left it unplugged, or the sensor, which presumably came with the 'new' (assuming used) transfer case, might be faulty.
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