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  1. DesertLC09

    DAKAR LC200

    Hello, Maybe this has been discussed before, but what mods does trucks like these have? If anyone knows please share Thank you
  2. DesertLC09

    Changing the headlight wires from 2008 to 2012

    Hello everyone, My old headlights are so beat up and old and have been polished many times and are currently cracking. The OEM headlights are expensive so I am going after market. The problem is all the aftermarket headlights I could find are the 2012-2015 style, with different headlight...
  3. DesertLC09

    Windshield wipers and washer came on themselves and wont shut off!

    Hello, Yesterday, I was sitting in traffic doing nothing when all of a sudden the wipers come on and the nozzle starts spraying water on the windshield. I tried to move the stalk up and down to turn it off but nothing worked, tried pulling in, pushing it out, wiggling it, still on. I turned off...
  4. DesertLC09

    Landcruiser drives much better after it sits

    Hello, Here is a typical weekend for me, I would take the car in morning, drive about 40 km smooth highway, then 5-10 km desert/beach, then fish for about 6 hours then I would drive back on the same path I came in from. The strange thing is that desert drive when I am going fishing feels...
  5. DesertLC09

    AC solution for sleeping in the car

    Hi, Has anyone done a set up for running AC inside their car for solo camping on hot weather? Summer is coming up and I have been thinking about multiple set ups. I like to travel to some remote areas to do fishing and by night time I am too exhausted to do a 6 hour drive back. I would rather...
  6. DesertLC09

    More caster without UCA

    Hello, recently I have installed new springs and shocks from OME for a 2"-2.5" lift. OME Nitrocharger sport, softer valving option My current alignment specs for stock UCA's are as follows: Caster is corrected for crowned street, the vehicle drives straight and I think it handles good but not...
  7. DesertLC09

    OME Nitrocharger sport, softer valving option

    Hello everyone, Recently I bought OME nitrocharger sport setup for my lc200. Part numbers: 1-Front shocks are 90017 not 91005, didn't I found anyone who has that front shock online. This is supposedly the softer valving option for lc200 and since I don't have a bullbar and plan to keep my...
  8. DesertLC09

    [Video] Play in the driveshaft, both rear and front

    Hello, I have been getting the dreaded clunk/thud or whatever you want to call it when going from a stop or accelerating after decelerating. I can reproduce this easily by choosing 1st gear and going on off throttle. I uploaded a video with sound when I ROTATE the rear drive shaft with my hand...
  9. DesertLC09

    LC200 daily driver, mod or buy another vehicle?

    Hello everyone, I own a land cruiser 2009 VX-R with the 2UZ-F 4.7 v8 vvti petrol. It's my daily driver and its completely stock. I want to mod it for the deserts of the UAE but without affecting it's daily drive ability. Mods that I think are a must for me right now is a suspension upgrade with...
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