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  1. steven4mc

    Transmission fluid in FJ Cruiser

    Ya, we miss you over there. Using this method: Disconnect a line up front (at my tranny cooler) since it's easy to get to. Open the filler plug on the side of the tranny and stick in a filler tube and funnel. Put a drain bottle under the open line. Start it up to pump out a couple of quarts at...
  2. steven4mc

    Transmission fluid in FJ Cruiser

    There is no drain plug that I know of.
  3. steven4mc

    Reshaping skid plates

    I will give them a call. Thank you.
  4. steven4mc

    Reshaping skid plates

    Here's long shot: Any idea where to find original Rasta Aluminum skid plate dimensions and angles? Or better yet, how to go about reshaping/bending the front skid?
  5. steven4mc

    Blind spot detector - after market, anyone try one?

    Did you ever do this?
  6. steven4mc

    High Mileage FJ Cruisers

    2007 238249 mi. Plan another at least. Only replacement besides tires and windshield wipers was an alternator.
  7. steven4mc

    Hello From Southern California

    Wow you got an early one. Looks like farm milage.
  8. steven4mc

    New to forum

    Try this forum:
  9. steven4mc

    Gas gauge needle issue

    You may need to take it apart again and reposition the needle and secure it better.
  10. steven4mc

    Electrical question

    I guess I would try connecting the two leads that you ran to either GND and PWR, then ACC to a 12V source.
  11. steven4mc

    Slider (Rock Rail) Maintenance

    Good tip.
  12. steven4mc

    Talk to me about this Fumoto Valve.....

    I O gree
  13. steven4mc

    Newbie (kinda)

    Great choice on the truck. not so great on the screen name. LOL Welcome!
  14. steven4mc

    Talk to me about this Fumoto Valve.....

    I can't recommend them....HIGHLY ENOUGH! I have the long nip and no problems after 8 years. Plus no need for those pesky washers. I put one end of a tube on the nipple, the other in a milk carton and open the valve. Change oil every 8K, filter every 4K.
  15. steven4mc

    Hi Everyone. New to the site. New to owning an FJ

    Sorry, I just can't remember that situation it's been so long. Are you talking about the 2" (about) nut on the hub?
  16. steven4mc

    Hi Everyone. New to the site. New to owning an FJ

    I'm too lazy to answer. Try here:
  17. steven4mc

    do FJ Cruiser Badges get stolen?

    I would think that the desire level outside of our community would too low to worry about it.
  18. steven4mc

    Much has changed in the 4 months I owned her.

    def. skids. oops, nevermind. Didn't see the last pic.
  19. steven4mc

    So Cal Newb... checking in!

    Welcome Woody, Steve Norcal
  20. steven4mc

    New FJ Badges at War Rocket

    I would buy one if it didn't have a date on it. I have a 2007. Phrase still fits.
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