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    OEM Front Mudflaps, w/Part Numbers!

    Check the first post in this thread, the clip/grommet part number.
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    Road Trip Prep for an LX that has been sitting for 1yr+

    I wouldn’t consider doing a long trip in a 100 without an OBD2 cable and techstream.
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    Wheel offset question

    Because roller skate.
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    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

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    2007 LC “VX”

    Replaced the ignition cam rod as PM. I read too many stories of people getting stranded on the busted ignition thread to leave it to chance. This is one of those jobs that, at least for me, was a total chore the first time around but now that I’ve done it I could knock it out in a half hour...
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    RTH: Key Won't Go Into Ignition

    Ok, I got the key in and lock cylinder out. For some reason the piece that is supposed to slide out of the way when your key enters was not sliding. I had to push it (a lot harder than I would have liked) out of the way with a pick then I was able to get the key in. Not sure if what I was doing...
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    RTH: Key Won't Go Into Ignition

    Guess I missed the post for 2003+ trucks here, a bit too late now. Super frustrated, the only thing I can think of is to take the whole column out and hand it to a locksmith? Any ideas at all??
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    RTH: Key Won't Go Into Ignition

    Currently the key only goes in a couple mm and comes to a dead stop. Doing preventative maintenance on my ‘07 LC. I’m working on replacing the bracket assembly for the steering column, I came across this post here that explained how to replace just the cam/rod instead of the entire assembly...
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    2007 LC “VX”

    Before I took out the carpets I noticed the dead pedal wasn’t as dead as one would hope. It was squirming around a bit, hanging on by a thread. If you didn’t already know, big people are really hard on interiors. I ended up finding a replacement on eBay here. Cheaper part cost than from...
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    How do I remove these?

    Actually you can remove and reinstall. Did it quite often when I was an automotive upholsterer. You only need a heat gun. Carefully heat the melted plastic up until it softens enough to pry the speaker panel away from the main panel. Once recovered just put the panel back in place, heat them up...
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    200 Series and Tundra wheels on 100 series photo thread

    They work for him!
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    WHEEL SPACERS! Does anyone sell them anymore?

    My [custom width] Bora spacers just shipped yesterday, 7 weeks after I ordered them. I was prepared for that wait but if you aren't you may want to look at Slee.
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    Refurbished Fuel Injectors?

    Then why would they exist?
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    Refurbished Fuel Injectors?

    Sure. I think it has more to do with emissions than anything and that's still an upgrade in my book. Toyota/Denso wouldn't have created them for no reason.
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    Refurbished Fuel Injectors?

    Ohh here we go! I'm not convinced that the 12 hole increases performance, I imagine they do have cleaner emissions though and that's a good enough reason for me. I'm actually looking at ordering a set for my former 2000 Tundra (now owned by a friend). Was DD able to ship immediately?
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    The best Headlight bulb on the market today.

    What did you find out about this? I need new low beams in my '07, guessing I'll have a similar issue.
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    2007 LC “VX”

    There goes that theory!
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    2007 LC “VX”

    Brilliant, thank you! I love me some VIN decoding. My only guess is that it has something to do with mine also being a no navigation model. Apparently very uncommon in ‘03+ US market models.
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    2007 LC “VX”

    You’re not wrong. I had a “window sticker” made up that doesn’t specify VX either. Not sure why there is a discrepancy but that’s why I’m asking.
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