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  1. Alibaster

    Confirm my suspicions - alternator / regulator

    Came out to the battery dead in the cruiser one day. Weird but okay. I jumped it and ran it and thought it was okay. Dead again two days later. Weird. The battery is pretty old so I got a diehard platinum. Dead the next day. Out comes the multimeter and I’m pulling 3amps. I jump it and check...
  2. Alibaster

    Rocker switches for blanks

    Does anyone know of an aftermarket switch that fits the blanks on the left hand side where the locker switch is? I’ve bought three different ones from amazon that were supposed to be the right size but are too big. Anyone have ones they bought that for sure fit?
  3. Alibaster

    Kentex Rick from his parting out thread

    PMes me with the pet and price. I pay pales and he responded. It’s been about a month now with no reply and no part, but he has read my numerous requests for an update.
  4. Alibaster

    Powder coaters - Matte Bronze powder coating examples

    Do any of you guys that powder coat have any examples with the colors of matte bronze powders? I'm looking to get some stick 16's for a 100 series powder coated in a matte bronze and the place I use doesn't have any or any examples of any.
  5. Alibaster

    For Sale  OEM new Front Upper Control Arm Adjustment boots and nuts 100 series

    Toyota Part No.: 48190-60011 CAM ASSY, CAMBER ADJUST Got four of these. Can sell all or individual or two or whatever. $12 each. Toyota Part No.: 90178-A0001 NUT Nut, NO.2(For Arm Assy, Rear Suspension, NO.2 RH) Two of these. $1 each. Send me your zip and I’ll figure shipping. It can’t be...
  6. Alibaster

    Just found the clubhouse forums - new 100 series owner

    Just found out about the regional clubhouse forums despite spending all of my free time on the 100 series tech forums and classifieds. Purchased my '99 100 series in December of '18 and have been slowly getting it to where I want. Getting ready to put on a Dissent front bumper as soon as its...
  7. Alibaster

    Whats your post lift hub to fender height?

    I just put on 2863s with the OME nitrochargers and cranked my TBs to the max, will replace soon. Before adding a 4x4 labs rear bumper I was at 24.5" in the rear, which I expected to come down after the bumper went on. I'm sitting at ~23.5 in the rear currently. I am debating on if I need to...
  8. Alibaster

    Part ID - Cab Mounting Bracket possibly

    I was redoing some suspension components over the weekend and noticed one of the brackets attached to the frame was a little beat up and I live in Pennsylvania, so I want to address it before it rusts completely and causes my LC to explode. And of course I am at work so I am devoting all of my...
  9. Alibaster

    UCA Cam bolts/nuts

    Can anyone confirm if the nuts for the cam bolts for the UCA are different? Im replacing my UCA and I want to replace the hardware as well. I am seeing multiple part numbers for the nuts and I want to make sure that if they are different per side of the UCA I order the correct ones. For...
  10. Alibaster

    Color match paint sources

    I’m looking to repaint some bumpers to match my 99 LC. Does anyone know of a source online to buy bulk paint for spraying that’s not paintscratch? It seems like their prices are a little high for the quantity of paint you actually get.
  11. Alibaster

    POLL - Is your 100 your daily driver?

    I get the feeling reading here that a lot of people daily drive their 100s which came as a slight surprise to me. So I wanted to see the distribution. I’ll start. It’s not. It’s a fun/inclimate weather vehicle that fits my entire family.
  12. Alibaster

    100 series front grill dimensions

    I searched but couldn't find anything. Does anyone by chance know the dimensions of the front grill on an early 100 series? 99 to be exact. Toying with the idea of laser cutting a new grill for myself.
  13. Alibaster

    Wanted  Your f***ed up (but functional) 100 series armor

    in search of front and rear bumpers and sliders. Coesmtics don’t matter as long as they are solid. Rust is fine as long as I can descale. Sell me your crap.
  14. Alibaster

    Wanted  Stock 16" 100 series wheels or F5s

    I'm looking for stock 100 16" 100 series wheels, either LX or LC. I'm going to refinish them so the finish doesn't matter as long as they aren't trashed. I'm located in Pennsylvania so willing to travel a little and also willing to pay for shipping.
  15. Alibaster

    Finally a real boy, got my 100 series

    Well I actually got it in the beginning of December by close enough. Trolled the forums and various used car websites for months before I found one not so far away and in good shape. I live in the North East so there are none here that aren’t rust buckets. Found this one in Virginia at a Toyota...
  16. Alibaster

    Let’s see your seat covers

    The last thread I could find was a few years old for seat covers, not replacement leather. Let’s see them and include the price and brand if you could!
  17. Alibaster

    White wheels - what happened here?

    Can anyone tell me exactly what would cause these wheels to turn white? Paint? Acid cleaner? Tarnish?
  18. Alibaster

    Wanted  98-99 Locked land cruiser

    Looking for a factory locked 98-99 land cruiser. Not afraid of high miles if the service records are there. Not afraid of cosmetic damage as I’m not planning on keeping it stock. No specific color preference. Budget is around $7k but willing to pay a little more for the right rig. I’m on the...
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