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  1. Enigma

    ash tray replacement with USB

    @NLXTACY any plans for something like this from Wits End?
  2. Enigma

    Norrish Creek

    Spent a couple hours checking out some of the pools along Norrish Creek this afternoon. It was surprisingly not very busy at all for a long weekend, the overcast skies had something do it with most likely. The first one we stopped in at was what looks like a popular spot along the FSR at around...
  3. Enigma

    synthetic winch line

    Just dropping a link for an acquaintance of mine who started up this Canadian made synthetic winch line company. Pretty good product from what I have seen so far and very knowledgeable.
  4. Enigma

    Oil sample test

    A Co-op member perk; my free oil test arrived. Now I just need to remember to do it before the September deadline on it.
  5. Enigma

    roof rack mounted shower tent

    Some 5 minute prototyping of a future project (which means for me a completion date in about 10 years) of my roof rack mounted shower tent. I was browsing some awning stuff at lunch at today, clicked on a video for one of the several "quick pitch" type rack mounted shower stall systems and got...
  6. Enigma

    military surplus

    Found this US surplus store from another thread. Some neat surplus vintage military and other items from US and many various Euro countries
  7. Enigma

    The Bush Company

    Discovered this new South African company, they look to make some pretty nice gear per typical SA/AUS standards. And some sweet 70 series porn :)
  8. Enigma

    The road less travelled

    Took an extra long weekend up to Barriere to visit the Uncles farm and decided to take a different route than the Coq. Nothing really "4wheeling" at all, just some muddy gravel travel, but was still a nice drive. So we saddled up and drove the canyon as I hadn't driven it for a couple years...
  9. Enigma


    No experience with this brand, but saw a post on facebook and Costco has some pretty deep discounts on multi purchases Few different sizes, this one linked is comparable in size to the "standard" ARB one some of us have...
  10. Enigma

    rear quarter window moulding

    Anyone know the difference between these 2 part numbers for the rear 1/4 window moulding? Partsouq shows 2 numbers available: 75740-60010 (MOULDING ASSY, REAR DOOR BELT, LH) 75740-60020 (MOULDING ASSY, REAR DOOR BELT, LH) <-not available
  11. Enigma

    New injection concept

    From my morning newsfeed
  12. Enigma

    Anyone need another Toyota related hobby? sitting in some kinda trike frame, apparently this was listed awhile ago showing the trike and not just the motor
  13. Enigma

    Cascadia Expodition 2019 - Whipsaw Edition

    Our new comrade Victor Vedrov of "Gear into Adventure" has uploaded his latest video of our recent Cascadia Expo trip to Whipsaw:
  14. Enigma

    Delete a post

    Is there any way for the originator of a post to delete it? I don't see any options other than trying to get a moderator to do it for you.
  15. Enigma

    amazon links?

    Can't seem to post amazon links anymore? Just shows an image saying "amazon link" with picture of the product like it used to like this:
  16. Enigma

    BCOR 2019

    Well we finally were able to attend one of these fancy "Overlanding" (Overlanding as defined by the Oxford dictionary = very expensive camping) rallys, this years being hosted in the Whistler Olympic Park. I've been waiting to go for a few years so I could check out some of the tear drop style...
  17. Enigma

    80 series signal lens

    ISO replacement for (my) passenger side front signal lens.
  18. Enigma

    BCOR 2019

    Finally setting aside the time and going this year.
  19. Enigma

    new thread post button?

    There used to be a little circular "button" on a thread title you were following that would take you to the first new post in that thread, is this feature still available?
  20. Enigma

    Looking for a new family dog

    We are looking for a new family dog. Something a little more outdoorsy than little Sasha was. It needs to be of the "hypoallergenic" breeds, a low/non shedding variety like the many 'doodle types for example, Portuguese water dog, larger Terrier breeds, Schnauzers , Basenji, etc. We are looking...
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