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  1. Chester

    Saw these on the way to work

  2. Chester

    Valve clearance question

    Old motor, many miles, rocker faces are cupped. Has anyone successfully rigged up external vacuum so that valves can be adjusted on a running motor? easy and preferred with other push rod overhead valve tractors, but the computer, sensors and actuators on the 3FE, it obviously doesn't run with...
  3. Chester

    3FE is pinging (detonation) at minimal load, low RPM, just started

    A new issue, never had it before. So I've de-carboned, set the timing, changed plugs, which had some carbon, dry gray. What should I look into?
  4. Chester

    Armrest? Cupholders? Both

    This is what I've been using in my '62. Driving experience is much improved.
  5. Chester

    Cost of ownership; Fuel, and fluids.

    It's not for a school assignment. For tires and hard parts, it's a pretty large number too.
  6. Chester

    Injectors look like this. Reman. match set or clean these?

    Had to pull the fuel rail to see if I buggered it when replacing the pulsation damper. What's the best route forward? A matched set sounds best, or am I better of just cleaning these and put new rubbers on them?
  7. Chester

    3FE What's inside the fuel rail?

    Had a leaking fuel damper. Replaced it and replaced the fuel pressure regulator. Truck ran fine before this, just leaked fuel from the damper. Now it runs at idle, and is fine up to 1400 rpm or so, but starves for fuel above that.
  8. Chester

    Delancy, this didn't buff out

    It hit a parked car. Insurance wants to total it. Any idea's?
  9. Chester

    For Sale  ebay LJ70 LHD in Florida (Sold) It has to go, they won't let me keep so many Land Cruiser's here at the home. Can't sell the FJ62, way too many miles. Can't sell the 80, it's rigged for the journey to...
  10. Chester

    For Sale  1986 LJ70 LHD in Florida U.S.A.-Sold (didn't)

    This truck is for sale. $17,000. It will be on ebay in a few days it's on ebay. 1986 LJ70 with the LX trim. 2LT turbo diesel and R150F 5 speed. 319,395 Km = 198,462 miles. Original, not restored and not modified. I bought this truck in September 2013. It had been imported from Belgium. On...
  11. Chester

    Spot for a 77

    ' Time to clear a spot for one of these.
  12. Chester

    FJ62 is this a heat shield?

    Fits under the throttle body over the air injection pipe from the smog pump. The air manifold is being eliminated, any harm in leaving this off?
  13. Chester

    How many miles are too many to bother fixing

    I still put about 20K a year on it, but the power is fading, leaks are everywhere, and before I do the rear seal again, I'll see what the consensus is.
  14. Chester

    Oil leaks, easiest difficult most necessary

    Truck has pretty high miles. Some of the repairs over the years fixed a few, but the fact it leaked never seemed to matter much, passive corrosion protection was fine by me. But these day's I hear about galley plugs and oil cooler O rings, maybe I should care more. And the "I parked here"...
  15. Chester

    Fixin' to put new bushings in the old OME springs. any pointers?

    Put the springs on in 1999. These are medium load with greasable pins. Springs are still arched pretty good, but the bushings have disintegrated. Looking for advice or "gotcha" issues.
  16. Chester

    Knuckle shims top and bottom

    taking apart the knuckle and I find shims on the top and on the bottom. Mic's out to .40 mm on both, consisting of a .30 and a .10. This is the first '70 I've encountered, but I've found the same configuration on 40's and 60's. I've also found flat washers, lock washers a weld bead, usually on...
  17. Chester

    Roadtrip North with a Southern truck

    What should I be concerned with? Oil is clean, PM's are good, antifreeze (green) is fresh, is there anything I should worry about? I left Florida this morning (60 F) and it's in the 20's in Illinois, and where I'm headed it's below zero.
  18. Chester

    Finally found a cup holder that does what it should

    This one works. .
  19. Chester

    Crusher's favorite motor

    This is an '86 LJ70 from Germany (lx, vx or ltx). it has the powerful 2.4 turbo that Crusher is so fond of, and the peddles are on the correct side.
  20. Chester

    Wanted  charcoal cannisters

    your spent charcoal canisters could be put to good use. I want to deconstruct charcoal canisters, develop a best practice for restoring their function, and reconstruct. I restored mine on a 3FE '62, In that instance, I ported the canister from the low side and bottom, removed the gac, cleaned...
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