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  1. JunkCrzr89

    100 series versus Mogollon Rim cow elk

    See here: 100s are tough, but elk hurt Short story: Nailed a cow elk at 1:30 this morning on hwy 260 just below the Rim. We were on the last 95-mile leg of our 6,000-mile roadtrip that we’ve been on... Any suggestions for working with insurance or what my next steps should be? I had it towed...
  2. JunkCrzr89

    100s are tough, but elk hurt

    We were on the last leg of our nearly 6,000-mile roadtrip, just 95 miles from home, at 1:30AM, just below the Mogollon Rim. Having driven this highway dozens of times in all types of conditions, from afternoon monsoon rains to heavy snowstorms at night, I knew that elk were everywhere at all...
  3. JunkCrzr89

    SOLD  98-00 UZJ100 OEM/Denso Starter Rebuild Kit: AZ

    I purchased this kit prior to pulling my starter, with the expectation that the existing starter would be an OEM Toyota/Denso that I could rebuild instead of spending $130 on a new starter. However, after pulling the intake off, much to my surprise the existing starter was an Autozone junker...
  4. JunkCrzr89

    APPS Connector Part Number

    Was doing starter job today on my 2000 and the locking clips on both the APPS connector and the starter motor connector broke when I pressed them to release. To be expected after 20 years in the Southwest... I think I found the correct replacement for the starter connector (90980-11400) but...
  5. JunkCrzr89

    SOLD  Trail Tailor Lo-Pro Roof Rack Mounts 100 SERIES

    I know these pop up occasionally, so figured I’d check before purchasing a new set. Shipping would be to 85282. Thanks!
  6. JunkCrzr89

    Wanted  OME 900 Coil Springs (90-95 4Runner)

    Shot in the dark on a Cruiser-dominated forum, I know. Looking for a set of OME 900 rear coils, which are medium duty for a 90-95 4Runner. Figured maybe somebody bought a set but then upgraded to the 901 heavy duty.
  7. JunkCrzr89

    Wanted  AZ - 100 Series Pass. Front Fender

    Looking for a passenger front fender for 98-07 100 series/LX470. Preferably in black (code 202), but at this point I will take any color and repaint. I’ve found a few in good shape at junkyards for reasonable prices (EDIT 10/15/19: many places have refused to ship one to me across the country...
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