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  1. swampfoxSC

    Power Steering Pump and Hose Replacement - FAQ

    RTH I just did my pump and have the tick. I pulled it back off and am ready to reseat the gear. I used a spacer to get the first seat. But I guess it was not right. Does anyone have a measurement or advice on how to get it? Can I drive it with the tick. I am moving 700 miles in the morning and...
  2. swampfoxSC

    RTH Starter plunger size?

    Thanks again man
  3. swampfoxSC

    RTH Starter plunger size?

    Mine is a 95 should have stated that earlier. What year is yours?
  4. swampfoxSC

    RTH Starter plunger size?

    Appreciate it man. Thanks for your time. My options given are 96 or 125 mm. Yours is closer to 96 than 125. I can probably reuse the plunger in a pinch. You wouldn't want to sell those by chance? For a bit of profit of course
  5. swampfoxSC

    RTH Starter plunger size?

    my starter contacts are welded shut. The damn thing keeps on cranking nonstop. Just sold my Tacoma so I am down and out. Sux because I am literally about to order a bunch of PM parts and a starter rebuild was on the list. It started acting a little funny a few times lately. And hung WFO this...
  6. swampfoxSC

    Time to replace the old Sears 31 marine battery

    If you have a batteriesplus nearby. Their AGMs usually carry a four year free replacement. Compared to just 3 years everywhere else.
  7. swampfoxSC

    Wanted 100 NEAR SC

  8. swampfoxSC

    SOLD SOLD - 1999 River Rock Green, ARB, Slee, Sliders, GA -$6000

    Will those wheels fit a 80?
  9. swampfoxSC

    SOLD Atlanta, GA - (5) NEW 17" X 8" Stockton Explorers Powdercoated Black - PRICE DROP

    Wonder how these would look on a 80 with flares? How far are you from Augusta?
  10. swampfoxSC

    Wanted 100 NEAR SC

    Still hunting
  11. swampfoxSC

    Wanted 100 NEAR SC

    Still on the hunt. Got burned by another a-hole today.
  12. swampfoxSC

    Wanted  Rear FJ80 Carrier Bumper in SE

    Kaymar, ARB, IPOR,Slee,4x4lans,etc in the SE or willing to ship. Text me at 4043766711
  13. swampfoxSC

    Wanted  100 NEAR SC

    looking for a low miles 1998-02 100 for the wife. Prefer white but other lighter colors are a option. I have a baselined 95 White/tan LC that I can trade and some cash. Or just buy outright. Text me what you got 4043766711
  14. swampfoxSC

    For Sale 97 LOCKED IN SC

    Hey it just hit me that he replaced the shift knob. I bet there's a good chance he Fd something up in the process. May not be making a good connection. So hopefully it is that simple. Also the OD is tied to the cruise control if you have to start looking deeper.
  15. swampfoxSC

    For Sale 97 LOCKED IN SC

    Sounds like he washed it after I gave him my thoughts about it. The trans could be a concern. Maybe it's just a solenoid or something simple. He came down to $8200 with me. I didn't test drive it. And of course the a****** said it ran fine with no issues. Can't believe he failed to mention that...
  16. swampfoxSC

    For Sale 97 LOCKED IN SC

    My thoughts on the seller. The guy is a cruiser flipper. He was dishonest to me about the oil leaks. And did not even mentioned the horrific paint job. I was so pissed when he pulled up I wanted to punch him in the face. Then when I popped the hood I wanted to punch him again. He knew I was...
  17. swampfoxSC

    For Sale  97 LOCKED IN SC

    1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 Front & Rear Differential Locker No Rust Went to look at this last night with cash in hand. It wasn't for me but I can give my thoughts on it. BTW I am the second guy to pass on it. GOOD: Locked Headliner perfect Good DS visor Good shift knob No rust visible any...
  18. swampfoxSC

    leaking gas from top of tank

    Add another to the list!!! I filled up and started smelling fuel. Then saw a small leak I thought was oil. The next day had a massive leak. That was definitely unsafe to drive. It was getting on my driveshaft. And slinging onto my exhaust
  19. swampfoxSC

    For Sale Heavily modded m416-sell trade 100,locked80

    Got a offer on the tent if anyone wants the trailer itself. The rack and side supports can easily be removed. if one just wanted the low style.
  20. swampfoxSC

    For Sale Heavily modded m416-sell trade 100,locked80

    Here are the tent specs
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