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  1. pjohnson

    Show me your dash

    Not in the dash, under it or in the glove box. Please don't cut the dash ☹️
  2. pjohnson

    1972 FJ40 OEM Power Steering Conversion

    @Jdc1 This helps a lot. My goal is a conversion that takes a knowledgeable person to detect. If anyone else can confirm swapping in a 73+ shaft that would be great. I can't be the first to think of this 😉
  3. pjohnson

    1972 FJ40 OEM Power Steering Conversion

    @Jdc1 Thanks for the pics. Is the firewall plate behind the rubber dust boot and two piece plate? The bearing is in the end of the outer column tube above the rag joint, correct? Did you use the bushing? Do you know if the 73 steering shaft with rag joint can be used instead of cutting the 72...
  4. pjohnson

    1972 FJ40 OEM Power Steering Conversion

    @Jdc1 Can you post pics of the completed firewall plate and some details on the install of the bushing and bearing? Also, how did you address Mark's @65swb45 comment about the turn signal?
  5. pjohnson

    Parting Out Redding CA - 74 FJ40 misc parts

    Interested in the steering column (not wheel) if you decide to change it.
  6. pjohnson

    Wanted FZJ80 axles

    Did you post on FB also? I have a rear FF from a 97. Brakes are complete. I think the panhard is still attached and the brake lines are intact. Located in Gustine, near Los Banos.
  7. pjohnson

    For Sale NorCal 79-85 Minitruck Power steering box

    @Pacer Sent you a pm
  8. pjohnson

    For Sale Atlanta GA- FJ40/60/80 MASSIVE WAREHOUSE PARTS SALE!!!!!!!

    FJ40 power steering gearbox? Or a mini truck box?
  9. pjohnson

    For Sale NorCal 79-85 Minitruck Power steering box

    Dang! Got a second one? 🙄
  10. pjohnson

    1st time 40 buyer

    Does this mean you committed to the purchase before asking advice?
  11. pjohnson

    Speedo & odometer inaccurate- 1977 FJ40

    1 kilometer = .6 miles Your speedo drive gear is incorrect.
  12. pjohnson

    1974 FJ40 just the DRIVER side front wheel wobble 🤔 HELP!!!

    Does the other side 'wobble' as well? Have you checked the caster? With a 4" lift, it would need correction to get it back into spec. The extended shackles may or may not be enough.
  13. pjohnson

    Should I buy a 1973 Toyota Land Cruiser?

    Yes, yes and yes. Welcome to Mud. This is the place.
  14. pjohnson

    Scare me off of this build 79 FJ40

    Yep, it's too late. You're doomed.
  15. pjohnson

    Builds Frog's 40

    Be sure to load the back to approximate loaded height as it could change the DS angle a bit.
  16. pjohnson

    Scare me off of this build 79 FJ40

    Assuming you already bought the project, I would carefully select some to do myself and have the more complicated stuff done by someone more skilled. Contact a place like TorFab and ask for a referral, or maybe ask a couple of the restoration guys on Mud ( @thecrazygreek comes to mind).
  17. pjohnson

    Scare me off of this build 79 FJ40

    If you like metalwork and are good at it, go for it. Otherwise, it may suck the life out of you and push you into working on Heeps :dead:
  18. pjohnson

    Parting Out 72 FJ40 GA

    Glove box door?
  19. pjohnson

    Bandeirante OJ50LV Import

    Welcome. Those are kinda cool looking body styles. I would suggest doing a few searches on south american imports and bandeirantes. There are a lot of 40s being imported by flippers (but not many Bandi's) trying to take advantage of the high FJ40 prices in the US. Most have proven to be no...
  20. pjohnson

    Wanted 1F header

    Thanks Mark. I think I may have just missed it. I'll drop him a pm.
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