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  1. daniel.watters


    Well after 25 years of service, I have retirement orders in hand. It has been a good ride. The army gave me purpose, direction, confidence, and paid the bills. This Valentine’s Day is my last day in uniform! Excited for the coming chapter in my life.
  2. daniel.watters

    For Sale  Enterprise AL: 1977 Mustard FJ40

    I’m posting this for a buddy that’s not on here. I’ve seen this rig in person. And, I’m willing to take detailed photos or video if requested. The story I remember is that my buddy bought this around decade ago from a helo pilot on Ft Rucker. The PO replaced the tub. Not sure if it is OEM or...
  3. daniel.watters

    Hitch/receiver FJ40

    My FJ40 doesn’t have the square hitch/receiver in the back. I’m sure it would be ideal to weld to the frame but I’m only wanting it to attach this. That way, I’d be able to transport my kayak short distances. Are there holes to bolt on the receiver for this...
  4. daniel.watters

    Wanted  Transfer case for 3B to H41/2

    Looking at buying a 3B with its corresponding 4sp. I thinks it’s an H41. But the guy doesn’t have the t case. Which case do I need to mate with the application above? This came out of of Canadian spec BJ42. I’d love to put into an US spec 40 series. Thanks.
  5. daniel.watters

    Dodge  Power steering issues

    After months of being driven crazy with a constant squeal coming from my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 (5.7 Hemi), I decided to install a new power steering pump. Removed the serpentine belt, removed pump, installed new pump, reinstalled serpentine and thought I was virtually done. I then tried to bleed...
  6. daniel.watters

    Wanted  AL: looking for solid 66-74 hard top

    I ran across a gentleman today who tried to buy my land cruiser. Come to find out, he has a 74 that needs a hard top (flip up gate). I told him that I’d reach out to this great group of guys on mud. Let me know and I’ll pass along. Thx.
  7. daniel.watters

    Name this part.m

    I hope it’s not off of my 40. The other and more likely option is my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7.
  8. daniel.watters

    For Sale  Alabama: 1970 and 1976 FJ55 projects

    Well, after finding two local pigs in rapid succession, I’m now selling them. I provided some comedic relief with tinkering with the 1970, but I’m in no position to go any further. Refer to my threads on this forum for pics and photos. I can take more upon request. The 1971: Original F. Had it...
  9. daniel.watters

    Wanted  3:73 gears for my FJ40

    Anyone have a parts 60 lying around? Wanting some 3:73 to replace my 4:10’s! I’m in south Alabama. PM me. Thx. Daniel
  10. daniel.watters

    Anyone going to Southern Cruiser Crawl?

    What’s up GA Cruiser peeps?! I’m back in Alabama.... for good. Will retire in just over a year. I saw a few of you a couple years ago at the SCC; I missed last year. Anyone going this year? If you are, see ya there!
  11. daniel.watters

    Wanted  Any Fairey or Ranger OD's out there?

    Looking for an OD / torque splitter for a 40 series LC. Thx! PM me or text 3344677040
  12. daniel.watters

    1988 first gen 4Runner starting issues

    Hello all. I have a chance to get a cheap ‘88 4Runner tomorrow. It is not starting. The guy says it tries to but doesn’t. He says it has spark and fuel. Is it the timing. He did say he did his best setting it. Not familiar with efi so....?? Should I get it? He claims that there’s no rust...
  13. daniel.watters

    DUI install advice/questions

    I recently acquired a DUI with the live wires. I’m going to install in my 1971 Fj40. It came with super generic instructions. I’m not getting it. It mentions not bottoming out the dizzy... I’m wondering what’s the difference of completely seating a dizzy and bottoming it out. Additionally...
  14. daniel.watters

    Vendor  Classic Cruisers might do early caps for corrugated tops

    Saw this in FB. I’m certain that TEN 25/early 40’s need tops. Brandon told me to gauge interest.
  15. daniel.watters

    Back on the struggle bus

    This FJ40 is kicking my butt. Just got it not too long ago. Trying to get her running. We were able to but won’t stay running long. It’s a Weber 2 barrel. It’ll run for a few seconds and then de. I don’t see a fuel solenoid cutoff. I’m going out to buy a simple electric fuel pump and see if I...
  16. daniel.watters

    Best vendor for 40 series windshield w/ gasket?

    Like the title says... looking for a good vendor who has both. I think Cruisercorps is the only one I know of...
  17. daniel.watters

    OME lift issues: FJ40

    So, I purchased 2 CS001F and 2 CS001R spring packs. I’m a little thrown off at the + and the o and the arrows. This is a Dec of 1970 Fj40.
  18. daniel.watters

    Wanted  Pre OEM roll bar

    Anyone have a pre OEM roll bar or know who might carry one that’ll fit over the long jump seats? PM me please!
  19. daniel.watters

    My 1970 FJ55

    Picked her up yesterday evening. Some rust. Mostly all there. Could be a soldi platform as a 4 door land cruiser. More story and updates later today. My oldest and I are going to try and fire her up. I’ll post a vid too maybe.
  20. daniel.watters

    For Sale  Fort Rucker, AL 1976 FJ55 part out

    Well, since I offended someone so badly that they deleted my post versus going through the trouble of simply moving it..... 😡 I’m not sure I have an account of who wanted what...... Please let me know what you you want. I’ll be back in tomorrow night with photos so that I can appropriately...
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