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  1. jchoop

    It can be done. Differential seal replace - w/o pulling axles

    This is in relation to my previous post where I had a front diff leak and was worried about water intrusion. Anyway, I eventually determined no water in the differential, but did confirm the leak was the differential to...
  2. jchoop

    Did something stupid

    Feel free to skip this backstory to get to the nitty gritty. So went for what I was hoping was a routine weekend camping getaway and came back with a leaking front axle/diff. Headed for Great Sand Dunes National Park in CO and all the recent posts regarding the 4x4 trail said the creek crossing...
  3. jchoop

    First Moab Trip...COMPLETE!

    Just got back from my first trip to Moab and thought id share my experience for anyone who is planning on going for their first time in a cruiser, but might need some reassurance on why you should go. I myself was nervous for several reasons, but everything turned out fine, I had a great time...
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