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  1. knoll0351

    SOLD 97 fzj80 axles REDUCED!!!!

    Where in socal?
  2. knoll0351

    Mining claim run Sept. 21-23

    I meant to say it's looking like we might make it. Depends on how wiring goes tomorrow.
  3. knoll0351

    Mining claim run Sept. 21-23

    Looking good.
  4. knoll0351

    One last Sourdough run this year!

    It will depend on how close the 40 is to breathing fire.
  5. knoll0351

    JSC BBQ, August 18th, JSC 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!!!!

    A little ball sweat never killed anyone...
  6. knoll0351

    JSC BBQ, August 18th, JSC 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!!!!

    Don't sell my wife's chair, she'll kill me!
  7. knoll0351

    Bacon run 2017

    Since we've already talked about it I guess saying I'm in is a bit unnecessary, but I'm in. Looking forward to the coronary problems that will plague us all for our love if salty, greasy, fried pig!
  8. knoll0351

    Guys with FJ80's

    Glad we could help. It was really cool meeting you and your family, my kids haven't stopped talking about their new friend. Look forward to wheelin' with you again! Nice to hear it wasn't too rough getting that stub out.
  9. knoll0351

    Redneck Enginuitive Belly Pan finished!!!

    I guess I need to get on mud more often! I'll pull the jig out next week and see what I need to do to get a couple built. I'll stay more consistent checking mud and keep y'all posted.
  10. knoll0351

    Looking for someone in Medford - Grant Pass, Oregon.

    I was thinking the same think Ty, the only '97 that I see around town here is Toy's and I think he's getting buried in his.
  11. knoll0351

    Thanks Knolly!

  12. knoll0351

    Christmas tree run

    We are still in :-)
  13. knoll0351

    Builds Another 80 series build thread. The 'BlackHole'

    True story Bro, true story! :flipoff2:
  14. knoll0351

    McGrew Campout 2015 (Officially non Official)

    Russ can lead :D
  15. knoll0351

    For Sale / Trade / Wanted

    So I need a fan for my 1994 80. Planning to leave for McGrew Tuesday AM so sooner is better than later...
  16. knoll0351

    Come get lost with me.

    I just saw the Sunday night at Clear Lake and thought to ask.
  17. knoll0351

    The Bobby-mobile

    Oh and the Katana was $700 and needed a lot of love. Carb work, fork seals blown, plastic all busted up, brakes....
  18. knoll0351

    The Bobby-mobile

    First vehicle was 1990 Suzuki Katana 600. Although I learned to drive in my 1987 Suzuki Samurai that later became mine.
  19. knoll0351

    Come get lost with me.

    So the magic question that I didn't think to ask earlier, will we/can I be back in Shady Cove before 6pm on Sunday?
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