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  1. eurodre

    For Sale  AHC Control Switch Socal

    This came off of my 03 lx470 and had 150k miles at the time I can do $50 shipped
  2. eurodre

    For Sale  Socal. Fuel Offroad Wheels and BFG KO2 Tire Package.

    I'm selling my wheels and tires as a package: The wheels are: Fuel Offroad 18x9 -12 offset 5x150 Bolt Pattern The tires are: BFG KO2 285/65/18 (32s) with 60-70% tread I am asking $1300 OBO picked up in Los Angeles, California or shipped at buyer's expense. I have attached sideview...
  3. eurodre

    Modding/Cutting OEM Front Bumper

    Hey guys so I'm curious if any of the 100 series guys cut their front bumper to gain more clearance. Here is what I am talking about, I got the idea from this 4runner: So I did a little photoshop with the before and after of an idea on my LX470 What do you guys think?
  4. eurodre

    For Sale  SOCAL: 18 Inch Wheels. 18x8.5 +38

    I had these wheels on my truck previously to getting a new set. They are in great shape with no bends or cracks. They will bead properly and are ready to be mounted on your choice of tires. The specs are as follows: 1 Piece Wheels 18x8.5 +38 5x150 Bolt Pattern I am asking $400 OBO picked up...
  5. eurodre

    For Sale  AHC Parts Southern California

    Finally took off more AHC parts off. The following are for sale and their respective prices: They came off of a 03 lx470 with 130k miles Located in Southern California if anyone wants to pickup Height control motor and pump: $350 Shipped Rear springs: $75 Shipped As soon as I can locate the...
  6. eurodre

    Wanted  Aftermarket wheels 5x150 Southern California

    Hey guys I'm looking for a set of 4 aftermarket wheels with the following specs range in socal: 18s 8 or 9 width Offset of 10 or less Thanks!
  7. eurodre

    Wanted  Shocks, springs, UCAs and Torsion Bars for lift

    Hey folks I'm going to be piecing together a lift so I'll be looking for all the above. I'll be aiming for a 2.5 inch lift for a light-medium load. Let's see what you got. Ready to purchase asap! I'm also local to Los Angeles.
  8. eurodre

    For Sale  Vais Tech SL3Sat

    This is used but in excellent working condition. The SL3Sat allows you to add siriusxm satellite radio directly to your Toyota or Lexus factory radio. It includes the SXV200 xm tuner along with the antenna. Please see pictures, this is the full kit ordered directly from vais tech. This Sound...
  9. eurodre

    Wanted  Vais Tech SL3b or SL3U

    Hey there as title states I'm looking for either the bluetooth module or the aux input from vais tech. I have a 2003 Lexus LX470 and after a long tedious search I settled on vais tech again.
  10. eurodre

    For Sale  Toyota OEM Tow Support Assembly Part # 51990-60010. SOCAL

    Sold! Thank you. Mods Sorry I'm not sure how to delete the thread
  11. eurodre

    100 Series Recovery Point Question

    I have an 03 Lx470. I wanted to have a proper recovery point because once in a while I do take her offroad on some trails. So I purchased this guy: Then I realized you can't fit 3/4" d ring/shackles in those loops. So next I was thinking of purchasing this guy: Please note: This has...
  12. eurodre

    Wanted  Lexus LX470 with AHC Rock Sliders.

    I'm in the market now for some rock sliders. I would prefer Slee or OPOR but I'm open to all quality sliders. I'm located in Socal but I'll gladly pay for shipping from anywhere in the country. Thanks!
  13. eurodre


    I have a 2004 Lexus LX470 and my instrumental cluster has decided to be sensitive. So my voltage, gas and temp gauges consistently don't work (show zero). Once in a while on a hot day the speedo and rev meters also play the same game. My friend who works at a local Lexus dealership mentioned...
  14. eurodre

    Wanted  Socal: 31-33x18"

    Hey everyone, I currently have 285/60/18 on my LX470 in some terrible brand tires and I'm looking to upgrade to more respectable AT tires. I am looking for these tires to be in socal so I don't deal with shipping and also testing the waters if I will stay with the current 18s or go down to 17s...
  15. eurodre

    For Sale  SOCAL: LX470 Third Row Seat, Grey, Like New

    These came off of a 2003 Lexus LX470 but as you can see from the pics were never used but rather stored away. The indentations in the leather are from storage and will disappear once leather is used and warm. There are no cracks, tears in the leather. I am located in Glendale, CA and can...
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